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Bread & Circuses: The Wide Gate

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction. And many are those who enter in by it.

~Matthew 7:13

I took my 16 year old daughter to see Ready Player One a couple weeks ago, the new Spielberg sci-fi movie about virtual reality. Since I am a Christian gifted with discernment, it’s not as if I had any choice but to look at this movie with anything other than my spiritual eyes. I wasn’t that motivated to spend even one dollar on this franchise, for the same reasons as with George Lucas, or Disney or any director or production company from that camp.

The film's synopsis from Google can be read here.

There were many thoughts that came to my mind as the story progressed. Spielberg is a master at targeting our emotional stores, drumming up strong feelings you hadn’t realized existed or had been long lying dormant. He has this way of extracting this sense of nostalgia and iconic elements from our adolescence which he most certainly accomplished with this film. What I noticed right off the bat was the connection he makes with the gaming “geeks,” I say with air-quotes, of the 80s of which I most certainly identify and the post-millennial gamers of today, a connection which I found surprising and entertaining. I am of Generation X, my daughter is a Post-Millennial (and a gamer), and it was kind of cool to have this neat thing in common being showcased in a big budget film.

There are probably many reasons Spielberg and the writer of his story, Ernest Cline, chose to connect adults with adolescents, and probably none of them are good. Corey Feldman, child star of movies of the 80s like Lost Boys, The Goodies and Stand By Me disclosed in that infamous 2013 ABC interview made it plain: "The number one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia. I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old. Surrounded. It's the big secret."

It is interesting that the target of Ready Player One is reaching adolescents at the most critical time in their emotional development, when life is the most challenging, when they are the most insecure about themselves, and presents a synthetic, man-made utopia where every single one of these challenges, real-world dilemmas that are vital to their emotional development, their ability to cultivate life skills, to break away from mommy and daddy and seek their place among the larger tribe, which is society, all of these are removed, just like Disney magic. It’s a total seduction, exactly like the serpent in the garden. Feeling slighted? Swindled? Life requiring more effort than you thought it would? Here, eat this apple and you can be as gods.

My parents were “anti-religious” and left to my own devices, I’d been a fan of science fiction pretty much ever since I could read. Authors like Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, and others, I consumed these stories with fervor. Carl Sagan and Cosmos, I never missed an episode! I marveled at every word he intonated with his unique inflection.

Sci-fi classic films like Logan’s Run, The Man who Fell to Earth, Westworld, the original Stepford Wives, Demon Seed and Close Encounters…they might seem hokey to young people today, but back then they were fascinating and yet terrifying new ideas that blasted right through the prefrontal cortex to blaze a path to new frontiers of the mind. It ignited my brain, forming new neural pathways, a hyper-addictive dopamine rush of endless curiosity of the cosmos. Oh, I was hooked, driven by the need to know the answers to the great mysteries!

These ideas saturated mainstream television. Academics like Satan... er, I mean Sagan, with a list of credentials and awards as long as my arm were touted as legitimate sources of scientifically-sound and evidence-supported truth. Never mind that many of his ideas came from New Age gurus and teachings of Hindu mysticism straight out of the counter-culture period of the 60s and 70s. Sagan is largely responsible for the "cult of science," establishing the point where science and the New Age movement integrated into a "religion" that we see so many still influenced by today.

Here’s the thing, science belongs to God. God is the master mathematician, the Grand Architect, the Creator of it all.

But, the counterfeiter, who is our enemy, will take the beauty and mastery of God’s scientific mind, instrument and creation, create a corrupt counterfeit copy, a theatrical deception, and then use it for destruction. Once God and His word are removed from the equation, what remains is an abomination. And, there are plenty of seductive counterfeit peddlers in the world, I know, I was babysat by them through my parent’s television for the entirety of my childhood.

It all went mega-mainstream during the counter-culture movement of the 60s and 70s and progressively evolved into what it is today. Look at the biographies of tech giants, big game developers, rocket ship makers, super computer builders and sci-fi big budget movie directors and it all becomes clear. What do all of these people have in common? They are all godless counterfeit construct peddlers, they are all getting ridiculously wealthy in these industries.

Zak Penn, screenplay co-writer for Ready Player One also gets writing credit for work on The Avengers franchise which garnered $1.8 billion in combined ticket sales. He’s currently working on a project titled ROM based on the ’80s toy line and comics for Paramount and Hasbro AllSpark Pictures, which you can read about here.

Eric Cline, author of Ready Player One has written a few screenplays, one titled Fanboys which was released in 2008 and distributed by The Weinstein company. Basically, it's a raunchy story about a bunch of nerdy immature guys who knew each other since high school and reunite on October 31, 1998 at a Halloween party. They cook up this plan to infiltrate the Skywalker Ranch and steal a rough cut of the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise: The Phantom Menace. They set off on their quest, but first must meet up with this girl named Rogue Leader whom one of the guys has been having an online romantic relationship with for several months.

The van breaks down and they end up in a biker bar. Once inside they ask for help and a glass of water for which the bartender asks a ridicously high price. One of the guys, refusing to pay, tries to pass himself off as a tough guy who just got out of prison, and realizes that they are actually in a gay bar. In order to pay for the drink they are forced to become the "midnight entertainment" and perform a striptease for all the male patrons. They all black out from eating quacamole that had been laced with peyote and are later rescued by a man named "The Chief," who fixes their van and then gives them a bag of peyote as a parting gift. They meet up with Rogue Leader whom they discover to their horror is really a ten-year-old little girl.

Fast-track to the end, the men reach their destination, come face to face with Lucas himself, who tells them he will drop all charges if they can prove they are true "fanboys." By answering some specific nerd questions, like testing their lack of knowledge about the opposite sex and correctly answering some Star Wars trivia, Lucas confirms that they are indeed fanboys and lets them off the hook. Since one of the guys is dying of cancer, Lucas allows him inside the Ranch to watch the film alone while his friends wait outside.

Who writes this detritus muck? Eric Cline does, then gets Harvey Weinstein to distribute it.

When I was a kid, this movie titled Tommy, a rock opera created by Pete Townshend and performed by The Who, was released. The year, 1975, but the score was written by Townshend 1968, after “falling in love” with this guru, this Indian mystic named Meher Baba whom he met in the Autumn of 1967. Baba wrote several books, one titled Godman, describing himself, and another titled God Speaks offering his self-proclaimed divine inspirations. Baba believed himself the Christ. Townshend claimed, Baba “seduced him” into wanting to follow him.

Townshend told Rolling Stone Magazine in November 1970, “I was heavily into flying saucers, believing them to hold a key somehow to the future of humanity. At the time I sincerely believed I had seen several in the Florida area, today I don't really care. "I've found it!" I scream. I tear up the flying saucer magazines I've been taking to bed. "This is absolutely IT! Baba is the one."

He goes on, "Only one person on this earth is capable of an absolutely perfect love for all and everything, and that is, when earth is fortunate enough to be his illusory host, the Messiah. The Avatar. He just came and went. Meher Baba.”

A short time later, Townshend would report, “When I am on the stage I am not in control of myself at all. I don’t even know who I am. I am not this rational person where I can sit down and talk to you. If you walked on stage with a microphone in the middle of a concert I’ll probably come close to killing you. I got lost in the sound of the mouth organ, and then had the most extraordinary, life-changing experience."

"Suddenly I was hearing music within the music–rich, complex harmonic beauty that had been locked in the sounds I’d been making. The next day I went fly fishing, and this time the murmuring sound of the river opened up a wellspring of music so enormous that I fell in and out of a trance. It was the beginning of my lifelong connection to … what might be described as the music of the spheres. One day I found some chords that made me lightheaded. As I played them my body buzzed all over, and my head filled with the most complex, disturbing orchestral music. I had the ability to create alpha-state music in my head, go into a creative trance, have musical visions."

The film, Tommy, is about a five year old little boy who after seeing his stepfather murder his real father during an argument about his mother, goes into a kind of psychosomatic, autistic-like shock suddenly becoming deaf, dumb, and blind. As a teenager, Tommy (played by Roger Daultrey) led by his own reflection in a mirror is led to a pinball machine in the middle of an enormous junk yard and discovers he is a natural prodigy at the game in spite of his handicap. Fame and fortune follow for Tommy, as he first becomes a pinball champion and later the messiah of a his own cult of followers who view his pinball skills as a miraculous sign of divine intervention.

Townshend has revealed in numerous interviews over the years that portions of Tommy are reflective of his own life. His parents were musicians also, and traveled a lot. Sometimes Pete was left with his grandmother who he claims was “certifiably insane.” He reveals he was sexually molested while in her care. In an interview, Townshend shares that the original version of the rock opera was about a boy who was "used and abused as a test bed for all kinds of Nazi projects."

Is Townshend describing MK Ultra mind control programming here? And, did he literally write an opera based on this premise taking events from his own life? Why is the film frought with blatant Luciferian symbols? And, the vehicle they use that leads them straight to the beast, who is portrayed here is as a god, the source of higher esoteric knowledge and enlightenment, is the electronic game.

In the film, the boy's life is told through a traumatic event which "locks" him inside a sort of cognitive prison. He is psychosomatically deaf, dumb and blind, cut off from the outside world. However, through the game, which is brought to him by Lucifer himself, frees him from his prison and propels him to his own godlike status.

In this video, I give you a closer look at Tommy, the symbolism used that reveals a Luciferian mind control operation that was devised decades ago and has evolved into an enormous, global machine that fully intends to lock everyone inside. Could this be the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13?

I explore the strange connection between those who peddle counterfeit reality constructs, sophisticated cerebral stimulation devices, clever distractions and diversionary attention-consuming "entertainment" and how it has evolved into a big money “attention industry,” feeding the demand for quantum computing, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality. These instruments may not be funded or developed by those with humane technology in mind, quite the contrary. Is this a carefully crafted plan devised more than 40 years ago?

In this presentation, you will see that there is undeniable proof that those interested in developing and profiting off of this technology (profits in the trillions) do not have humanity's best interest in mind, but instead want to lead us all, mentally, emotionally and physically into the new "dark age," an inescapable trap of evil - a seduction that will have us believing that it is perfectly safe and more, the path to enlightenment and salvation.

For part 1 of this series: Bread and Circuses: The Mark of the Beast

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