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Cosmo's Cannibals & The Monsters Who Created Them

In the February issue, Cosmopolitan Magazine, says, yes, there is a safe way to have a cannibalism fetish. While I’m stunned they’ve moved the bar this low, I’m not completely surprised. There have been many campaigns to normalize all manner of human atrocities in the last several years, particularly in the realm of human sexuality, with ideas such as these being deliberately introduced to our stream of consciousness. What I’ve found compelling is that they all seem to be connected to one fundamental source with a very specific goal in mind.

(Not in the mood to read the article? Watch the video instead!)

Dr. Judith Reisman, is a research professor and author who has spent most of her 40+ year career exposing a psychological operation that was developed by atheist and eugenicist, Alfred Kinsey, and generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Kinsey’s ideas went on to saturate American academia and the culture and dramatically redefined our ideas of human sexuality in the science and academic realms. She spoke of a conference in Baltimore, Maryland in August of 2011 that she and a colleague attended.

The symposium was called “Pedophilia, Minor-Attracted Persons, and the DSM: Issues and Controversies.” The DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders put out by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). At that time, a growing pedophile lobby wanted the APA to recognize pedophilia as a recognized sexual orientation and the DSM to be revised in order to eliminate the “stigma” against “minor-attracted persons.”

In other words, make it no longer a mental disorder.

Attending the conference were researchers, scholars, mental health practitioners and pedophiles. The keynote speaker was a man named Fred Berlin, M.D., Ph.D. Berlin is a director of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders clinic and a disciple of psychologist, John Money, who created this clinic to give judges a place, other than jail, where he could send convicted child molestors. (Read more here)

John Money was one of the first to publish theories that gender is a fluid social construct and coined the term “gender identity.” Money believed that social experiences of gender roles are the only true determinant of sexual presentation and behavior in humans. Eager to prove his theories correct, he ordered the full castration of a toddler whose penis had been accidentally destroyed during a routine circumcision. His instructions to the parents were to never disclose what had happened and to raise him as a girl with feminine clothing, hormone therapies, and repeated psychoanalytical sessions with Dr. Money.

The sessions included nude modeling, sexualized roleplaying and simulated sex with his own twin brother. The sessions were so distressing to the boy that he threatened to kill himself if he was forced to return. The boy never felt female a minute in his desperately confusing and unhappy life, eventually surgically reversed his gender back to male, changed his name to David and went on to marry a woman to lead the semblance of a normal life.

His twin, realizing that Money had forced him to have sex with his same-sex brother, had a psychological break and took an intentional overdose of sedatives in 2002, ending his life. David, not able to overcome the grief and loss of his brother and feelings of inadequacies from the failure of his surgically produced penis, shot himself in the head in 2004, ending his life.

John Money’s forced human experiment had failed. Money blamed everyone involved except himself.

In the years preceding and after their deaths, the parents fought to have the published medical descriptions of their ordeal revised to reflect the atrocities and utter failures of Dr. Money’s theories on gender fluidity and assigned gender roles. Money refused. His theories had already garnered him worldwide acclaim as the preeminent child psychologist in this field. He profoundly shifted the worlds perceptions from true human identity based in biology and nature, to the socialist theory that humans are merely a product of their environment, of a manufactured social construct in which Money and his contemporaries were working diligently to change.

Money’s theories, based solely on this failed, inhumane experiment, are the bedrock of transgender and gender studies taught in public schools and universities worldwide. Money, who died in 2006, was a pedophile advocate who called for an end to all age-of-consent laws.

At the symposium that Dr. Reisman attended in 2011, one young woman suggested that these “minor-attracted persons” might be helped by combining “sex play” with some sadism while using naked pictures of children. This Ph.D. social-worker candidate proudly noted her objection to any sexual "repression."

"Sexual rights, sexual education movements began with Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey. He was a professor at Indiana University." Dr. Reisman explains. Alfred Kinsey was a contemporary of John Money. "Kinsey claimed that the research published in his book proved that children are sexual from birth, that children can engage in sex with no downside, no problem at all." Kinsey had pedophiles measure with a stopwatch how many children could achieve what he called orgasm within a 24-hour period. In his book, Kinsey defines orgasm for these children as fainting, as having convulsions, as screaming, as fighting to get away from the partner…what he called “the partner. The so-called research then, the exploitation of these children became the philosophies behind the entire structure of modern sexuality education globally."

In other words, Kinsey and his contemporaries, based on atheist socialist philosophies, have set the standard definitions for human sexuality that's being taught through academia and propaganda worldwide.

Kinsey had special interest in the writings and paintings of Aleister Crowley. Some of the data for his books is thought to come from this source. Kenneth Anger, devotee of Aleister Crowley, "proud sexual deviant" who is known for his film Lucifer Rising and his co-founding of the Church of Satan under Anton LaVey, explains in a live interview that in 1955, "famous sexologist" Alfred Kinsey was not only an admirer of Crowley's work but wanted to visit his home, "Abbey of Thelema" to see the frescos painted on the walls of his home by Crowley's hand to use for research for his book. Anger explains that Crowley and his "artist" friends were living in the first commune of people who had made a "religion out of eros" and that they had sex parties.

The Kinsey Institute offers educational information on a variety of sexual subjects which they consider "normal and healthy" including sexual sadism or BDSM. In a recent Twitter thread, an individual has posted a number of memes that reflect precisely the thinking of Kinsey and his contemporaries. Alok-Vaid-Menon, trans activist and writer posted in a meme, "These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls. The supposed 'purity' of the victims has remained stagnant. There are no princesses. Little girls are also kinky. Your kinds aren't as straight and narrow as you think."

Charlotte Iserbyt, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and former Senior Advisor for the US Department of Education recites a Betrand Russell quote, "Education should aim at destroying free-will so that pupils are thus schooled, they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise then as their schoolmaster's would have wished. Influences of the home are obstructive. And, in order to condition students, verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen."

She continues, "Skull and Bones, the Order at Yale, fifteen of them selected out of a junior class. They paid, Wall Street financed Hitler, financed Stalin, creating communism which is what they did."

Anthony Sutton, author of America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones, explains that they were involved with the build-up and financing of three types of socialism: Bolshevik socialism in Russia, what might be called "Welfare socialism" in the United States, and national socialism with Hitler. "It also was involved in changing the American education system from a classical, academic, brain-oriented thinking, destroying that and imposing an animal training method." Iserbyt explains.

"Pavlov, interestingly enough, was a Russian and people think that he invented operant condition. He didn't. He went to Liepzig, Germany, and he studied under Wilhelm Wundt in the mid-1800s. Wilhelm Wundt was a German philosopher who was involved in trying to figure out how you can get people to know, understanding psychology, what makes people click, how you can get people to do what you want them to do, etc. And, he became very frustrated with the inability to change people's behavior the traditional way, with lectures and this and that, and finally, he realized that what he was dealing with was the human soul. He came up with a scheme to attack the nervous system. That's really what it is. It's neurological."

"Wundt is the animal training method that bypasses the brain." she continues. Wundt is important for the history of American education for the following reasons:

  1. He started the first experimental lab for mind control and unconscious conditioning.

  2. He believed that man was "programmable." That man has no self-will or self-determination. Man is in effect the captive of his own experiences, a pawn needing guidance.

  3. Students from Europe and the US learned from Wundt then returned to their homelands to establish schools and institutions, trained hundreds of PhDs in this new form of experimental psychology.

Okay, so this is how it goes…but, I give a great visual aid in the video making this a lot easier to grasp.

It was Wundt who applied the Hegelian dialectic to education. Wundt trained behavioral psychologist and fellow Skull & Bonesman, G. Stanley Hall. G. Stanley Hall was hired by president of Johns Hopkins University who was also a member of the Order, Daniel Coit Gilman.

Through Johns Hopkins, Hall trained psychologist and fellow Bonesman, John Dewey. G. Stanley Hall and John Dewey, both behavioral psychologists and modern educational theorists in the United States, trained under Wundt, brought operant conditioning to the American education system for the express purpose to use the nervous system to condition and ultimately control people into any thought and behavior that they desired, and what they desired was a top-down authoritarian system of control using the Soviet communist model. They publicly admitted it was all experimental.

While the strategy to normalize taboo behavior was developed long before, the great undoing of our moral fabric really ignited into a blazing inferno during the sixties counter-culture. Designed and led by a collective of generously funded academic Marxists, this deliberately destabilizing strategy was meant to shift the collective consciousness of Americans toward thoughts, behaviors, and ideas that stood in opposition to the biblical ones our culture was founded upon.

This was the deliberate deconstruction of human consciousness, a complete worldview transformation to move from a society built upon godly morals and family, individual freedom and private ownership to one of collectivist servitude to the globalist state.

Biblical morals were the only thing standing in the way of the revolution, of a sustainable future, as they say, in an industrialized, atheist, materialist utopian world. Second-wave feminism was an enormous part of this strategy and a big chunk of the plan was to introduce woman as an unmarried sexual being whose natural state is to engage in non-reproductive sexuality.

Second-wave feminism was an enormous part of this strategy and a big chunk of the plan was to introduce woman as an unmarried sexual being whose natural state is to engage in non-reproductive sexuality.

According to Karl Marx’s right-hand man, Friedrich Engels, sexual politics and feminism were vital to the transformation of society to communism. The socialist revolution would smash the “patriarchy” by liberating women from the confounds of marriage and property and free her to serve the socialist state. Intimate relationships would be motivated solely by sex-love and no longer by being forced to create heirs to perpetuate property ownership and inheritance in a capitalist society. The obligation to reproduce is removed from her and she could become a free sexual being for personal gratification rather than reproduction. The earlier in one’s life this indoctrination can occur, the better. And, men like Alfred Kinsey want you to believe that sexuality begins at birth.

For Engels who strongly criticized the marriage institution and capitalism, it was all about the need for a fundamental change in the economic role of women. Any servitude to individual ownership is to be abolished and the vehicle to make the change was to redefine female sexuality.

Early Marxist-feminist writer, Alexandra Kollontai, based on Engels theories, believed that marriage is essentially an economic arrangement, a form of life-long prostitution that has nothing to do with love. For her, economic independence and equality of the sexes were preconditions for the real deal, “real” true love.

A new society required a radical reform of the human psyche, not just the overthrow of capitalist production. In other words, they needed to completely transform minds into thinking as they did. Psychoanalysis was in its infancy stage then and hadn’t yet become the companion instrument for conditioning the human mind into what these revolutionaries believed it should become. But, when it did, Marxist-feminist theorists of the second wave operated predominantly from the theoretical framework set by Engels.

When the Workers’ Revolution failed to sweep through Europe and the United States in the days that followed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Lenin and the Communist International organized a meeting at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow to examine the reasons for this failure. Why hadn’t the cultural revolution succeeded? First, among those present was Willi Munzenberg, a Marxist revolutionary and strategist who proposed the solution to the problem was “to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, we can impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

Also in attendance, Georgy Lukács, a Hungarian aristocrat and banker’s son, considered one of the most influential Marxist theoreticians and strategists of all time, developed the idea of “Revolution and Eros” or the exploitation of sexual instinct as an instrument of destruction. Lukács experimented with his theories on the Hungarian people where he implemented a radical Sex ED program encouraging students to practice open sexuality, free love, and sweeping rejection of morality. His theories were proved false and he was removed, but that didn’t matter. This was the theoretical framework for the sexual revolution of the counter-culture and the academic and wealthy elite class radicals who emerged before and afterward the counter-culture movement would take this concept to dangerous political and cultural ends.

In Reisman’s report, The Sex Industrial Complex: Big Sexology, Big Pornography, Big Pharmacology she details this tightly-woven network of radicals, under the guise of scientific and academic authority along with their strategy to corrupt society for the express purpose to utterly tear it down. It reveals not only Kinsey and his contemporaries and their role in the process, but one very effective instrument in which she describes as an "erototoxin", a "neurological weapon" designed to irreversibly alter not only the brain’s chemistry but to manipulate mental cognition, drives, emotions, and behavior…pornography.

Pornography's purpose becomes not only an instrument for demoralization and dehumanization but one that renders its viewers, particularly males, impotent for any semblance of normal sexual behavior from that point forward. He becomes dependent upon its assistance in order to achieve satisfaction while eventually losing interest in a live female partner. Male users are rendered impotent, in the full sense of the word, dependent on the Sex Industrial Complex for the rest of their lives.

Reisman writes, "Kinsey Institute research is critical to normalizing pornography as the gateway to the 'virtual sex' of the quote/unquote 'Orgasmatron.'" In other words, market devices that assist and normalize sex without a live human partner. The "orgasmatron" was an invention of another of Kinsey’s contemporaries and fellow deviant, Wilhelm Reich, who also wanted to fuse sex and politics to usher in the revolution. Reich held the position that sexual restraint based on biblical morality turned people into masochistic fascist neurotics which then led ultimately to the downfall of society.

The Orgasmatron, as Woody Allen called it in one of his movies, was Reich’s invention… a wooden box that was thought to contain the magical “orgone energy” and was used by such counter-culturalists as Norman Mailer, JD Salinger, Saul Bellow, Paul Goodman, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Dwight Macdonald and William S Burroughs.

“Marketing full arousal and climax absent any other human will be reconstructed as a 'medical advance'. The ‘Brave New World.’" referring to Aldous Huxley’s vision of what he believed was a more humane totalitarian future...

“Marketing full arousal and climax absent any other human will be reconstructed as a 'medical advance'. The ‘Brave New World.’" referring to Aldous Huxley’s vision of what he believed was a more humane totalitarian future - a concept cleverly depicted in the 1971 classic Sci-Fi George Lucas film THX-1138 in which a dystopian future holds humanity in slavery under an authoritarian technocratic world controlled by the very robots that they are forced to manufacture.

So to smash the patriarchy they render men impotent and disinterested , but what do they plan to do with women?

Just a few years back, there was a new wave of propaganda attempting to normalize cannibalism as form of activism for third-wave feminism and women’s liberation. These are the daughters of second-wave feminists so it should come as no shock that these concepts are extrapolated by the thinking of those who came before them.

Back in 2017, Netflix premiered a new series starring Drew Barrymore in which an average, suburban married couple living in California face a series of obstacles after she awakens one day to realize she’s dead, well, un-dead as it were, and now has an insatiable craving for human flesh which is making her life sooo much more empowered, now.

Netflix likes to call this family entertainment.

That same year, Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit album dropped with the hit single’s big-budget companion video showcasing Perry being served up as the main dish. Also available on Netflix in the same year, French writer-director Julia Ducournau’s debut film, Raw, which she considers a feminist coming-of-age film, by the way, was curated at the network. The story follows a seventeen-year-old girl named Justine. The director notes that at this age, girls are typically struggling with identity and friendships and a budding sexuality. Justine, however, discovers that she has an unexpected taste for human flesh.

She says, “I’m fed up with the way women’s sexuality is portrayed on screen’,

The Guardian reports:

Her flesh-eating horror movie attained notoriety when two people fainted at a screening. But, says the French feminist film-maker, no one talks about the other 998 in the audience …”

Julia says, “I thought it was very funny how people tend to qualify as monstrous or inhuman deeds that are actually very human,” she says. “Cannibalism is part of humanity. You have this feeling when you bite someone’s arm for fun, that you want to go a bit further, but you don’t because you have a moral canvas. This thing is in us, we just don’t want to see it.”

And, in the same year, there was a segment from CNN, who sent one of their hosts, Reza Azlan, halfway across the world to visit a tribesman from a fringe cannibalistic sect who fed him cooked human brain and then proceeded to chase him around and aggressively throw poo on him on live television.

2017 was a big year for cannibalism in the media. Big.

Of course, who could forget performance artist Marina Abramovic’s gala celebrity dinner held at the Museum of Contemporary Art held in Los Angeles a few years prior. The event featured naked performers, heads on tables, servers in white lab coats to give an “experiment feel” and, of course, the female cadaver cakes which were mercilessly hacked to ruin and gleefully devoured by the guests. Let’s not forget the Spirit Cooking she served up right before the presidential election in 2016.

But this year, Cosmopolitan says, “Yes. There is a safe way to have a cannibalism fetish." But, the way Armie Hammer is doing it, not so much. This, according to “master fetish educator”, co-owner of Royal Fetish Films and licensed clinical psychotherapist, JetSetting Jasmine. Yes, that’s the name given for her in the article.

She considers herself a teacher as well as a political activist. You know the ideological absurdity has finally come full circle when the supposed champions of the women’s liberation (which at a pivotal point in our history was about women’s suffrage and civil rights) now teaches them safe and acceptable ways to allow men to cannibalize them. That’s right, safe, consensual cannibalism.

She’s so tired, you guys, of the fetish community always getting a bad rap because of individuals like Armie Hammer who has claimed to be “100% a cannibal.” She says, his cannibalism isn’t the problem at all. The problem is the women with whom he’s had encounters may not have given their consent and he may have actually abused them, and well, that clearly violates their strict code of ethics.

She uses the word “alleged” eleven times in this article when referring to the multiple claims of abuse by the women. It’s obvious by her tone that she’s struggling to believe them. She says “Once the allegations against Hammer blew up the internet, all the media attention zeroed in on the word “cannibalism.” In her opinion, this is putting cannibalism, which has to be the most extreme form of sadism, by the way, in a negative light thanks in large part to the women who’ve claimed abuse.

She continues, “Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely think anyone who engaged in abusive behavior should be held accountable for their actions after a proper investigation. And in the meantime, I’d like to put some distance between the alleged behavior and the BDSM community.”

“We, as a society, need to increase our education beyond vanilla sex.” She says while shaming the rest of us who don’t want to do it in a dungeon while bound, gagged and chained to a wall. “Instead of shaming people’s fetishes, we should be teaching them to share their interest in a way that doesn’t harm others.”

Oh, look! And how helpful! A link to a handy guide for aftercare! Thanks, Cosmo!

Somewhere there is a 17-year old girl reading this glorified piece of filth and thinking it’s a plausible idea. The misogyny in this article is staggering.

According Jasmine the expert”, cannibalism is perfectly normal as long as both people consent and anyway, it’s just fantasy. Nobody is really eating human flesh. They will never act upon it. Then she heavily peppers the article with the word “consent” as if that really means something substantive.

I realize that Jasmine is trying to separate a fantasy from a legitimate desire to engage in cannibalism. I get that. My argument is that there is no distinction between the two. She’s trying to create a boundary where there really is none. This practically gives permission for women to be abused, creates challenges for them to be believed if they do report abuse, not to mention the grave mental illnesses of these disturbed individuals that is being normalized, left untreated and unleashed upon society.

So, who is this guy that she thinks is ruining the optics of politically correct cannibalism?

Armand Douglas Hammer is an actor who comes from an elite family. He’s the great-grandson of oil tycoon and billionaire business magnate, Dr. Armand Hammer, named after the hammer and sickle symbol used in the communist logo. Armie comes from an elite family with a long history of mental illness, sexual abuse, violence and communism.

Armie had been under fire in the media recently because a woman made public several texts that the two of them exchanged revealing the disturbed nature of Armie’s perferences. The conversations between them, in which Hammer disclosed his desire to inflict pain on his partners and that he was “100% a cannibal” were posted publicly so she could expose that he’d been abusing her.

The big question of the day for some appalling reason was NOT that Armie clearly has some seriously disturbing issues, but whether or not the woman gave consent. Cosmopolitan wants to make sure their readers, which are mostly teen girls, understand the distinction.

How low can the bar actually go? With the mechanics of a belief system that dictates to its followers that the farther away you are from biblical morals and ethics, the freer and more liberated you are to make the world a better place, how low can the bar go? Think about it. I mean, after cannibalism, where else is there to go?

It’s a perpetual degradation that at some point, the idea of what it means to be human will pass the tipping point and an entirely new species will emerge, well, at least they hope it will, that resembles more an animal or… a monster. How nice of them to begin grooming future victims for sadistic sexual predators. To encourage this next-level misogyny and then with laser-beam precision, point it at the brains of teens and young adult women says a lot about what this magazine represents.

But, what does the magazine represent?

It is interesting that the name of the publication, Cosmopolitan, literally means “worldly”. Cosmopolitan, a top-selling, ad-heavy magazine in the United States is owned by one of the oldest and largest multinational mass media corporations, Hearst Communications, founded by wealthy democrat, William Randolph Hearst. Hearst Communications has always had strong focus on Democrat Party politics. Incidentally, a full-page ad in Cosmopolitan costs more than a quarter million dollars and the magazine is at least 70% advertisements.

In 1965, during the height of the counter-culture movement, Hugh Hefner was the self-proclaimed “pamphleteer” for Albert Kinsey, while a woman named Helen Gurley Brown, a devout second-wave feminist, became the publication’s new chief editor. Prior to Helen, the publication was marketed as a “first-class family magazine” with sections devoted exclusively to women’s concerns. And, there were a lot of problems in society at the time regarding the treatment of women. I don't argue that. Times were changing and we needed rights, we needed equality, we needed to be liberated from many of the discriminating practices in place at the time.

You know, sometimes we can agree on the problem but totally disagree on the solution. In this case, communist ideas were being incorporated to attack the issue and Helen Gurley Brown was a willing agent for the cause. She transformed the magazine into a racy, over-sexualized, radical feminist monthly propaganda and social engineering campaign for the new left.

Who knew that such radical feminism would eventually lead to articles where women can safely allow their partners to cannibalize them? Who knew?

Within this Cosmopolitan article, many depraved behaviors are spoken of as casually as one would read off a grocery list. Things like blood play are treated as normal, everyday activity and settle down, everyone, it’s perfectly okay because CONSENT, a word Jasmine used almost as frequently as “alleged.”

Cosmopolitan, which describes itself as a “bible for fun, fearless females” offers step-by-step instructions, a “how-to” sex guide in every issue encouraging its readers to engage in violent and dangerous sexual behavior. The fact that Cosmopolitan is raking in billions disguising degeneracy as empowerment is like Captain Obvious. What people might not realize, is that Cosmopolitan and her wicked step-sister Teen Vogue, published by Conde Nast, are in bed with these corporate giants…the Kinsey Institute, Planned Parenthood, SEICUS, along with a number of special interest groups that are lobbying to change legislation, redefine human sexuality on a global scale while literally silencing, through big tech and other means, any dissenting voices from ever taking any position of political power again, ever.

Looking at Reisman’s chart, all of these entities have always been a part of the network of original funding sources and developers of these clever propaganda and programming devices.

Teen Vogue, which targets an even younger audience has offered articles with titles such as “How to Use Sex Magic to Manifest Your Best Self,” “Why Sex Work is Real Work,” and “How to Have Sex if You’re Queer.” They’ve even promoted adding vibrators and lubricants to be included on back-to-school lists, offered a how-to guide for anal sex and an article that tells its young readers that abortion is “popular.”

What I found disturbing was the thousands of politically charged articles that either cite or were written by employees or executives at Planned Parenthood in conjunction with SIECUS which has this goal in mind… "We need to prioritize educating people about *all* of these concepts early on. Sex education is a golden opportunity to teach youth about dismantling systems of power & oppression that perpetuate white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia and more."

And, GLSEN who has made public statements like this…. "It's about time we kicked heteronormativity to the curb. Never heard of the term before? It's the idea that binary gender identity and heterosexual orientation (meaning there are only two sexual orientations and genders) are the norm."

These are examples of the giants behind the veil working to program and condition this young generation to think a certain way and to adopt a very sick ideology through a vast normalization campaign of depravity. And all of it is geared toward a target audience of girls aged 12-17. Cosmopolitan is thought to be marketed toward young adult women aged 18-34 but that’s actually no longer entirely accurate. They have been gearing their content more and more toward a much younger female audience. This can be evidenced with the celebrities they choose for their covers as well as the bright, colorful graphics that draw the attention of a younger audience.

Everything being promoted and taught in these magazines, to the letter, is also part of the Common Core education system which is taught in almost every public and charter school in the country (and all over the world, actually) and funded and developed by the same entities (Planned Parenthood, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, et al). This effort is global, this is not isolated to just here. It’s a global effort funded and executed by the global corporate elite and adopted by the United Nations.

The purpose of Common Core is to change the education system of the whole world putting everyone on the same page, so to speak, and to implement a curriculum that reframes the consciousness of people, particularly children, to adopt an atheist, materialist, industrial mindset that will be useful for the modern worker in the new world.

Common Core includes mandatory Comprehensive Sexuality Education. It is important to realize the difference between Sex Education, which is about biology and anatomy, and Sexuality Education which is about indoctrination and redefining human sexuality to fulfill an agenda. With hyper focus on sexual pleasure and deviations from the norm, they encourage K-12 children to question one’s gender, to engage in promiscuity, and various types of alternative sexual behaviors. It also teaches SOGI (sexual orientation/gender identity) worldview. It separates biological sex from gender and teaches that gender is a fluid construct.

The only thing not included in this curriculum is traditional family planning or safe sex.

The purpose is to reduce the number of babies being born, eliminate the traditional family, “abolish guilt feelings about eroticism that restrict sexuality to the mere reproductive function,” “teach the importance of the sexual diversity approach, and to normalize abortion.”

And, probably in there somewhere in this psychological warfare is the idea to actually desensitize people to real cannibalism, as in, eating people as a sustainable food source. If they can make men disinterested and impotent and young girls into non-reproductive savages, and get everyone to eat dead bodies to save the planet, well, they’ve hit the lottery.

Operating from a modified Malthusian misanthropic socialist ideology, these billionaire corporate industrialists want us to believe that capitalism, private ownership of property, and individual freedom leads to overpopulation which leads to over-industrialization, which then contributes to the demise of the planet. And, the only way to save it is to sustain everyone on synthetic fake materials they create in laboratories and factories because the idea is to sustain the masses using the least possible resources imaginable. Bill Gates likes to take numbers to zero, so maybe that’s why they are investing billions in making synthetic food from bugs and human poopm mold, dead bodies, and even air, I wish I was making this up. They are trying to develop a sustainable food source from air. There greatest challenge right now is figuring out how to get you to eat it this repurposed filth and they’re not above disguising it so they can get it down your gullet without complaint. They are working on the psychology and the marketing strategy for that right now.

You have to understand that to these people, you are not made in the image of God. They are atheists in the strictest sense of the word. You are nothing more than a higher animal, a material commodity. Actually, you’re less than that. You are a “plague on the Earth” with the numbers of people needing to be dramatically reduced for the human race to be of any worth to these oligarchical elites.

How do you dumb people down to the point that people are running around like depraved animals eating each other to save the planet? You throw billions into media campaigns and propaganda efforts that teach young people that dungeon sex is good and eating people is normal…actually, anything is okay as long as you’re not thinking for yourself, creating a traditional family adding to the population.

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