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December Mass-Media UFO Story: Soft Disclosure, Fake News or UFO Psyop?

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On December 16, 2017, The New York Times published an article showing footage of an encounter with a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. The article presents the first public announcement of a program within the Pentagon that was not classified, but known only by a very select few. The article begins with a dollar figure showing the amount of taxpayer money spent annually on Defense Department budgets and $22 million spent on a program titled Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification, aka UFO research, which was kept under wraps, a deliberate move of the Pentagon. (read NYT article here)

In other words, the Pentagon spent multiple millions quietly investigating UFO reports, according to reports from The New York Times and Politico.

The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which began in 2007 after then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), lobbied for funding for the program while expressing his own long interest in the phenomenon of UFOs. A major chunk of the money for this program, to the tune of hundreds of millions, not $22 million according to the Daily Beast, went to an aerospace firm owned by Robert Bigelow, eccentric billionaire, political donor and longtime friend of Reid. Bigelow has also publicly stated that he is convinced that aliens exist and further, that they have landed on earth, in a 60 Minutes interview this past May on CBS.

The Times reports that the secret program was never acknowledged publicly, but stated that Defense Department officials now say that after funding dissolved was shut down in 2012. But, its backers say that while the Pentagon ended funding for the program at that time, it still remains in existence. Politico reports that the reason for the sudden attention here and now in 2017 is due to the retirement this past October of Luis Elizondo, a career intelligence official who ran the program. In his resignation letter, Elizondo told Defense Secretary James Mattis that his resignation was in protest to what he called "excessive secrecy surrounding the program," internal opposition to it after funding for the effort ended in 2012, and that the Department needed to take the program’s research more seriously


"My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone," Luis Elizondo said in an interview on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront." According to the CNN article, Elizondo said Monday that he could not speak on behalf of the government, but he strongly implied there was evidence that stopped him from ruling out the possibility that alien aircraft visited Earth.

So, what do we have so far? A shadow program and its funding sources championed by Harry Reid, Democrat and long time lobbyist with a ten mile long list of ethics violations, corruption, and various scandals; Robert Bigelow, eccentric billionaire entrepreneur, playboy, space alien enthusiast and political donor who received most of the money for this Pentagon program; Luis Elizondo, career intelligence official who believes that aliens live among us, and program director of this endeavor, which was not made public until December 16, 2017 by an article published in The New York Times. Also on board was the late Senators Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), who were both World War II veterans with a strong concern for national security (Politico).

Do taxpayers really want to spend zillions on the search for little grey men? This isn’t the first time that the government has cloaked experimental aircraft whether our own or from foreign countries under the guise of the possibility of extraterrestrial life and alien visitors from outer space. I’d like to think that the population-at-large is a long distance away from being duped into exchanging unidentified objects in the sky as aliens from outer space over something man-made, nefarious purposes notwithstanding.

When I see stories like this being shoveled in heaping piles onto the information super highway for the collective consciousness of the masses, the first thing I look for is not necessarily what is being said, but, rather, who is saying it. Who has jumped on board and is carrying these ideas forward?

Then, what is the possible public reaction to the information? What are we supposed to do with it? It’s wild stuff which garners outlandish ideas and leaves in its wake endless fodder to fuel the imagination.

How does this information affect the authority of scripture? We already know that the people involved as well as the chosen sources to deliver this information are radically anti-Christian. The idea of alien entities and UFOs from outer space runs contrary to the Bible. All who take in this information from supposed reputable news sources are now suddenly entertaining ideas of extraterrestrials who have landed on earth, for which billions of taxpayer dollars to fund a privately owned organization to research and strategize safety measures suddenly becomes necessary.

I think the public is ready for the idea that greater measures of safety are in order for new aeronautic technology at the hands of foreign powers. I think we are more than ready to support our own efforts in this arena. What’s the big deal? Do we really have to call it aliens to uphold our technological secrets? Do the people involved seriously believe in UFOs and aliens from outer space?

They want us to believe that they do. I remain skeptical.

Of course, the public will entertain incredible ideas which at the end of the day will beg the question, if aliens truly do exist, is the Bible therefore in error? If the Bible is in error, then perhaps there is no God at all? The godless left would love for everyone to draw this conclusion, which lends strongly to the idea that this is indeed a psyop of which the information carefully calculated and the reactions diligently engineered.

What’s probably really going on is manifold things that are designed to accomplish one end. Ultra-rich godless elite will garner a public interest, a resulting excitement emerges at the idea of finally negating the God idea at last. Then, a necessity will be established, and billions of dollars will be raised for the endeavor with almost everyone happily on board in the court of public opinion. In the meantime, the authenticity, credibility and authority of scripture will continue to whittle away in the minds of the unbelieving masses, particularly Millennials. You throw a few billion dollars at any project and they will expect a return on this investment. The progressive left is all over this, which speaks volumes in itself.

Meanwhile, the economic strain on the middle-class is at an all-time high, millions are living below the poverty line, and there are still entire countries full of starving men, women and children being ravaged by disease. But, instead, let’s hold fundraiser galas for the elite and gather up a few billion to look for UFOs and little grey men...all the while chipping away at the truth of the existence of God and authenticity of His word.

John Ventre, prominent UFO expert, author, lecturer and television personality from History Channel's Hangar 1 among other UFO related shows, told Salt Radio Ministries today:

“The UFO question has been around for a very long time. The videos on the news are not new and there are others. The question is who do the craft belong to; ETs or a secret US space program?

The reason they are gathering so much attention is that Tom DeLonge and his group released them to promote his ‘To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science’ group similar to an IPO or initial public offering. What is shown is true. Where this leads us remains to be seen but Tom is connected to very high levels of the intelligence community. In November of 2016, there was activity in Antarctica and dignitaries visited. Robert Bigelow recently said on 60 Minutes that aliens are here, now Tom DeLonge has the ok to tell us. Just what the truth is remains to be seen.”

When I asked him if this was more about money than actual research of extraterrestrials, he responded:

“There is a clear concerted effort to promote this. People's attention spans make it dubious. I think it is about an announcement in the near future of technology we now have.”

John Ventre is one of very few ufologists who believes that aliens are demonic entities and that alien abduction is demonic possession.

In an article in Rolling Stone Magazine from October 11, 2017, former Blink 182 member, Tom DeLonge, announced the launch of his To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science organization which is comprised of scientists, aerospace engineers and other creatives who will collaborate and enable researchers to explore the “outer edges of science” and technologies. I am willing to bet that there is not one bible-believing Christian within this group of scientists and "creatives," whatever that means.

From the article:

"The public interest in the outer edges of science and the understanding of phenomena has always been suffocated by mainstream ideology and bureaucratic constraint," company President and CEO Tom DeLonge said in a statement. "We believe there are discoveries within our reach that will revolutionize the human experience, but they can only be accomplished through the unrestricted support of breakthrough research and innovation."

(you can read the rest of the article here)

DeLonge, recently named UFO Researcher of the Year, has long been interested in UFO and ET research. After leaving Blink-182 in 2015, he immersed himself in the subject, wrote a book titled Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows and is working on a movie which directly relates called Strange Times. "This project is aimed at creating a beacon and a vehicle to be able to interact directly with Millennials across the world. Some of this stuff is empowering, and some of this stuff is frankly kind of scary. But you need to understand it, and you're going to need to deal with it when we're gone." DeLonge told Rolling Stone.

Basically, DeLonge is creating a major motion picture propaganda piece designed to engineer the thinking and core beliefs of Millennials everywhere. Nice.

DeLonge was part of the Wikileaks email scandals during the 2016 presidental campaign. In an article from Noisey/Vice titled The Tom DeLonge Wikileaks Conspiracy Goes Deeper Than WeThought:

First off, we should all remember that Tom DeLonge is super into increasing public awareness as to the truth about aliens, to the point that he was recently named UFO Researcher of the Year for his contributions to the field of UFO stuff. In his acceptance speech, he referenced his Wikileaked (Is this a word? Let's go ahead and say this is a word.) emails to John Podesta, the former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman who himself is pretty into UFO stuff. When Noisey first reported on the emails, it was to update all the fine folks online about how Tom DeLonge is obsessed with aliens now. But in light of my report last week, those emails are worth revisiting, because they reveal DeLonge's serious Deep State connections that allow him access to the most top secret and sensitive of information that could be the silver bullet that slays the 3D chessmaster that is Donald Trump.

(the rest of this article and the Wikileaked emails can be read here)

Dr. Hal Puthoff, who earned his Phd from Stanford University, is not only an American engineer and parapsychologist, he is also co-founder of the company, vice president of science and technology, advisor to NASA, the Department of Defense, and has done research for a variety of institutions such as General Electric, the NSA and Stanford University.

Puthoff told Rolling Stone: "We've mobilized a team of experienced, connected and passionately curious minds to reveal and decode information that can challenge the limits of traditional theory, such as the study of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) technologies. Together, we're bringing transformative science and engineering out of the shadows to introduce profound possibilities." (Rolling Stone article can be read here)

From Wikipedia:

In 1967, Puthoff earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He then worked with, and invented, tunable lasers and electron beam devices, concerning which he holds patents, and he is co-author (with R. Pantell) of Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics (Wiley, 1969), published in English, French, Russian and Chinese. Puthoff published papers on polarizable vacuum (PV) and stochastic electrodynamics topics, which are examples of alternative approaches to general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Puthoff took an interest in the Church of Scientology in the late 1960s and reached what was then the top OT VII level by 1971. Puthoff wrote up his "wins" for a Scientology publication, claiming to have achieved "remote viewing" abilities. In 1974, Puthoff also wrote a piece for Scientology's Celebrity magazine, stating that Scientology had given him "a feeling of absolute fearlessness". Puthoff severed all connection with Scientology in the late 1970s.

In the 1970s and '80s Puthoff directed a CIA/DIA-funded program at SRI International to investigate paranormal abilities, collaborating with Russell Targ in a study of the purported psychic abilities of Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Joseph McMoneagle and others, as part of the Stargate Project. Both Puthoff and Targ became convinced Geller and Swann had genuine psychic powers. However, Geller employed sleight of hand tricks.

In 1985, Puthoff founded a for-profit company, EarthTech International in Austin, TX. At about the same time, he founded an academically-oriented scientific research organization, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (IASA), also in Austin, TX, where he is Director. Independent of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, IASA pursues more focused research on topics specifically related to energy generation and space propulsion, with funding from anonymous donors.

Currently, Puthoff is the CEO of a privately funded research organization called EarthTech International, Inc. This organization is dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in the physics of spaceflight energy and propulsion. The activities of EarthTech primarily center around investigations into various aspects of the zero-point energy. Among its technical activities EarthTech evaluates claims of devices (so called "over-unity" devices) that are said to release more energy, presumably extracted from the ambient Zero Point electromagnetic field, low-energy nuclear reactions, or some other source, than they consume from conventional power sources.

Wow. Talk about woo.

Imagine if all of this energy, intellect, and ridiculous money was put toward the needs of humanity like ending poverty and world hunger, or implementing clean energy, or healing diseases for which there is currently no known cure, or understanding the abundant and incredible science in scripture which would truly lead to truth?

Even among Christians, the idea of extraterrestrials is a controversial subject. The Bible is clear that there are four specific types of living entities that exist in God’s creation: God, angels, humans and animals (birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, insects, et al). We know that there are two types of angels, holy and fallen with the latter group walking to and fro on the earth as well as roaming the “heavenly realms.” Heavenly realms holds multiple meanings and can be implied to mean outer space as well as the spiritual realm. Whether or not they are housed on different planets in various galaxies across the great span of the universe remains to be disclosed. There are no scripture verses that point to this idea. Omission can simply mean that it is not a scriptural truth or that it is information that is not necessary to God's redemptive plan at this time. However, we do know that certain constellations, while governed and controlled by God, are designated to certain fallen angels. What that means exactly remains open to interpretation.

What is certain from scripture is that if there are aliens anywhere in space or visiting us here, they are demons, period. And, their activity from countless witness testimonies, ring true to this position. Thousands upon thousands of people who believe they were visited by extra-terrestrials, whether by saucers and lights in the sky or visitations by alien entities inside their homes, when they called upon the name of Jesus, these entities instantly fled the scene (you can read hundreds of these testimonies here).

Scripture also tells us that in the last days, there will be "lying signs and wonders" in the sky that will be so convincing it will deceive even the elect (Revelation 13). I admit out loud that there will never be a meteor, planetary anomaly, or other-wordly entity that will undermine the truth of the existence of God, at least in my own mind. Jesus said that His people know His voice (John 10:27). Whatever deceptive signs and wonders that will take place must be at a magnitude that will trick the entire unbelieving (and lukewarm) world into completely discarding the truth of God.

What would it take to promote such an idea? You do the math.

In the last ten years or so, there has been an increasingly massive move from the godless globalists toward the New World Order which includes a global government controlled by a very select few elite ruling powers, a radical removal of anything Christian or biblical, including the body of Christ (believers), the rise of futurism, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and technology marketed to replace God at every turn. Bible prophecy is literally unfolding as we speak and the majority of the world’s population can’t even see it.

The Luciferian elite who have their hands on the levers of control will not stop until the entire earth is under a one-world governing force. And, we know who will be at the top of the pyramid when it is fully implemented. The big selling points? Technology will replace Christ, one can live forever, no more sickness, disease, hunger, poverty or death… one can live, without moral barriers, restraint or consequences... as gods.

Where have we heard that before? These are facets of the great falling away mentioned in scripture. And the story has not changed since the beginning. Many have claimed that the final threshold from the current age that crosses over to the new age will be disclosure of extra-terrestrial life. That's what the world tells you. The Bible purports a rather different account.

Stay woke.

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