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Decoding the Balenciaga Images

Everyone on planet earth has probably now seen the three scandalous photo shoots produced by the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga. The internet has become a blazing inferno of backlash and for very good reason.

The first shoot included six images of child models centered in a setting to promote what the luxury brand considers its holiday gift shop. This is their “holiday campaign.” Apparently, this company, which has catered to the wealthy elite since its inception, finds these products somehow related to the holiday season. I think it’s important to point out that none of these products being showcased for this holiday campaign are for kids. This is not a line of children's clothing and toys. The target audience for this campaign is not parents looking for holiday gifts for their kids.

These models are staged with teddy bears wearing BDSM bondage gear that include wrist and ankle restraints, dog collars, and locks, and have ratty hair surrounded by a strangely controlled ordering of a multitude of offerings from their holiday product line. I will circle back to these photos in a minute.

In another shoot, one of the photos displays a handbag resting atop a scattered pile of papers. Look a bit closer and one of the documents is revealed to be from a Supreme Court case that involved a man who used a public internet chat forum to exchange explicit materials of his daughter with others in the group. There isn’t anything to say about this photo except the obvious. Especially when you combine these visual statements with the others in the collection.

Clearly, it’s a subliminal ideological message that speaks loud and clear. I’ve talked at length about normalization campaigns. Feel free to watch some of my other videos, which I will link for you below for more information on the strategy behind this high-dollar social engineering effort designed to normalize unspeakable behavior and the Alfred Kinseyan/Aleister Crowleyan philosophies in the name of progressivism and religious liberation, along with the globalist organizations and institutions who are behind these campaigns.

But, for this article, I will focus on decoding the symbols found in the images. Everything I’m providing here is just opinion and speculation. I find this image particularly telling. The shot below is so full of symbolism that it's obnoxious. I’m going to walk through this and give you my analysis of what I think they represent.

One thing I noticed right off the bat in the lower left corner, there is a child’s drawing of a burning house very similar to the one depicted in I Pet Goat II.

In my opinion, the burning house in I Pet Goat II could have multi-layered interpretations, but I think the main takeaway is the destruction of the family and property ownership as part of this revolution for the Great Reset that’s trying to take place on the world stage.

It’s difficult to make out in this photo but if you look closely, there is a stick figure standing outside of the burning house with a dunce cap on and a pentagram next to the roof. To me, this suggests that this visual message is coming from a very specific group, and well, they don’t have any new material. It’s the same old song. Say hello to the new boss, the same as the old boss.

This rough pictogram here starts at the bottom and moves upward, it ascends with the destruction of the old and the individual depicted here is still a “dunce,” a novice. He has not yet evolved.

Moving upward, there is a myriad of stick figures appearing to rise like phoenixes from the nest of flames and smoke. One appears to be the head of a green-horned entity. The Green Man is a pagan deity representing the cycle of rebirth which applies both to nature and philosophically to man. The Green Man has many manifestations along the course of history including the Egyptian God Osiris who represents rebirth and resurrection. Other related gods are Odin, Dionysus, and even Shiva. In esoteric Sufi tradition, the Green Man or Khidr is this sort of intercessory deity between the imaginary realm and the physical world.

Continuing upward there seems to be a male stick figure fading in the background with a more prominent female figure rising just above it and tethered to it suggesting that this is a being that is being transformed into a female as part of some kind of transformative evolution from a transhumanist perspective.

There is a series of dates lined up on the right side of the column. I don’t have time at the moment to decipher these dates but I’m curious as to what these could represent. If any of you know, please let me know!

On the right are two dolphins or the double-dolphin and you can see dolphins in other places on the wall. This is an esoteric symbol primarily used in Freemasonry. What comes to mind for me is the Hymn to Apollo by Homer, an ancient Greek poem about a dolphin who fell in love with a poor schoolboy. Each day the boy would call to his dolphin friend and it would carry him across the bay to school. One day the boy falls mortally ill with a disease and couldn’t come to the dolphin anymore. But, the dolphin, stricken with grief, returned daily to their meeting place like a mourner at the site of a grave until the dolphin, weakened by a broken heart dies. Other variations tell that the boy died while clinging to the dolphin’s back, who carried him up to the shore and died by his side.

This magical companionship can be symbolized by the double dolphin. These are allegories for the notion of magical enchantment which is also connected to having a benevolent relationship with higher beings.

In the esoteric traditions, dolphins are considered magical beings, friends of man, messengers from the gods connected to Atlantis, and highly evolved. They are considered the most intelligent beings on earth capable of things like telepathy and healing the sick. They are thought to be able to put humans in a trance to facilitate spirit possession. They are also thought to be able to carry the spirits of the dead to the underworld.

At the top, very prominent in black is what appears to be a three-horned entity with a frown and in his left hand a very small being. Is it a child? The first account of a three-horned pagan deity is the ancient Edomite god, Qos. While Qos is recorded as a masculine god, three horns typically suggest a goddess, a female entity, with the horns representing the triple goddess and also the pagan trinity. However, in this case, this deity Qos is hermaphroditic but its name remains masculine holding fast to the gnostic tradition.

Qos is the warrior god of the storm represented by the bow as in bow and arrow, as lightning and the rainbow. Some suggest that Qos was actually YHWH but known by a different name to the Edomites. The scholarship on this is decidedly weak. YHWH is a title, not a name. And, while powerful storms are an excellent representation of divine power, the God of the Bible is the god of everything, not just the weather. It’s fair to suggest that YHWH the God of Israel could’ve been known in some measure to Esau but Esau’s descendants quickly rejected the God of Israel and worshipped a pantheon of pagan deities with Qos as their main god.

The Edomites were people who descended from Esau, the twin brother of Jacob. While Jacob’s line was chosen by God to become the twelve tribes of Israel, Esau’s line was rejected for this course of history. Esau’s descendants utterly rejected the God of Israel, hated Israel with the intensity of a thousand suns, and fervently followed pagan gods. For example, all four of the King Herods were Edomites. The Edomites eventually spread out intermingling their line with many peoples surrounding Israel in the north, east, and south.

There is a good bit of scholarship that strongly suggests the Edomites of today include neighboring Arabs but are predominantly Eastern Europeans who have descended from the Khazars. There’s a book on this titled The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler. The Khazar descendants, or modern Edomites whose genetic connection to Esau is probably negligible at this point, are considered by some scholars to be the line for which Jesus referred to as the synagogue of Satan of which the antichrist rises. Edom is very connected to end-time prophecy and one only has to read the book of Obadiah to find this out.

Many prominent pagan deities were hermaphroditic or what Helena Blavatsky called “double-sexed.” Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Crowleyans, Luciferians, and other dark occultists of that ilk adore this idea because at the core of this crafted anti-religion is satanic Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, and Transhumanist Evolutionism and a very strong desire to eliminate the bible from every discourse in human history. It’s a great undoing, so to speak.

For example, the book The Kybalion is said to be written by Hermes Trismegistus himself, but actually was written around 1903 I believe, by a man named William Walker Atkinson, one of the founders of the occultist New Thought Movement, or what he referred to as "Mental Science" which is this theosophical, Rosicrucian offshoot of which they believed they could manifest their own reality with the power of their thoughts. Followers of the New Thought Movement believed that “true human selfhood is divine” which comes from one’s connection with a "universal energy force.” The New Thought Movement and the Unity church placed a strong emphasis on wealth and prosperity believing that this strong force could be manipulated at will by thoughts and feelings to determine one’s own destiny. If you haven’t figured it out yet, yeah, that’s witchcraft. This is where the prosperity gospel comes from.

The fraudulent book, The Kybalion, which claims to channel in a simplified and orderly fashion the philosophies of Hermes Trismegistus, has within it seven Principles:

- The principle of Mentalism

- The principle of Correspondence

- The principle of Vibration

- The principle of Polarity

- The principle of Rhythm

- The principle of Cause and Effect

- The principle of Gender

Among these principles which borrow from a theosophical version of eastern mysticism, is the notion that everything in creation, everything in reality is just an illusion, its simply mind consciousness. Another of the principles is that there exists no duality. There are no opposing forces. Everything is one force with different degrees on a spectrum. That is very convenient of course because it suggests that there is no evil. In this way, everything is relative. With this logic, for example, knowledge and ignorance are the same, just different ends of a spectrum. Also, hot and cold, cold just being an absence of hot. You get the idea.

Of course, Atkinson applies this same logic to the last principle in the seven, gender, which he claims exists on a higher plane. He takes it to the atomic level, in an incoherent pseudoscientific rambling that claims that even atoms are comprised of the forces of the masculine and the feminine. This recombining of these twin forces within physical law represents perfection. It’s another great undoing if you will. They believe it is the teachings of the bible that ruined this knowledge, or gnosis, among mankind. Because of Christianity, now everyone feels disconnected and separated from each other, nature, and the cosmos. The goal of the Hermeticist is to re-combine these mental twin forces to achieve some kind of evolutionary perfection and return to the original divine nature.

These various occultists believed in a pre-Adamic race of people, the Atlanteans, if you will, that lived on the earth 100,000 years ago. These people believed it to be a highly advanced civilization. What the bible calls The Watchers, they twist it to their own satisfaction. No surprise there. The Bible tells us that the technological advancements the Watchers brought to man were destructive, the rejected mysteries as Enoch put it. The occultists want you to believe that they are the real truth and the God of the bible doesn’t want you to know how to liberate yourself. Anyway…If you want to learn more about the New Thought Movement and the satanic gnostic connection to all of this you can watch my video on Metaverse Multiverse.

Their idea is that these advanced peoples were hermaphrodites and that the biblical Adam was also this way. They misconstrue Genesis 5:1-3, “In the day that God created man, He made him in His own likeness. Male and female, He created them, and He blessed them. And in the day they were created, He called them 'man'." They take this to believe that Adam and Eve were one being that was split apart after the fall into two separate people, a notion that these esotericists think needs to be reversed so that certain members of humanity, the ones who have achieved gnosis can complete their human evolution into divine perfection. This is what they believe is the new human, the final stage of evolution into a divine being.

The three-horned god of the ancient Edomites is where the Baphomet was derived. So, if you ask me, the prominent three-horned stick figure at the top of this panel of the wall represents the Baphomet.

Moving on to the next section of the wall here, starting at the bottom is one of their products, the foul and disturbing bandage bear equipped with all the accouterments and darkened heavily made-up eyes. Why would a luxury brand create such an item? Some are calling this zombie chic.

Above the bear is a symbol for water, in this context probably symbolizes evolution, and emotion. Above it is the earth and then more water or possible a utilization of the four elements, earth, air, fire, water, as used in classical witchcraft. At the top of this section, is a raven. The raven is believed to be the divine harbinger of cosmic secrets, the bearer of magical forces, and able to foresee the future. It is an occult symbol for a communicator of deep mysteries, of powerful wisdom, and vast knowledge or gnosis. In Greek and Roman cultures, it's considered to be a solar animal affiliated with Apollo, related to light and wisdom. In Norse mythology, it symbolizes mind and intelligence of which the Raven works as a guide.

Can I just say, just the idea of scribbling all over the walls seems to symbolize rebellion and naughtiness which for these people probably represents liberation, a rebellious defying of authority, drawing outside of the lines, if you know what I mean? On the next section of the wall, there are a lot of sharks and dolphins and something that looks like a white owl. This is more esoteric evolutionist stuff and evolution/nature worship that is typically found on the Freemasonic end of the tradition.

On the floor just in front is a stack of books that look like a vintage set of comics by Belgian cartoonist, Maurice de Bevere, otherwise known as Morris, the creator of Lucky Luke, a bestselling comic series in the 1940s. Morris was instrumental to the creation of lefty, satirical, counter-cultural MAD Magazine. Of course, one of Lucky Luke’s jobs in the comic series was to guard the Wells Fargo stagecoaches.

Some of you have asked me to try and figure out what the alphabet letters might be spelling out here. I don’t think we have anything significant here, but I do notice two words that stand out immediately, “sex” and “you.”

And, right next to the letters, a roll of tape, which the purpose of this product remains dubious to me. With every item in these photos appearing to be meticulously placed, I find it odd that they would neglect to notice that the tape is misspelling the brand’s name. This is not an accident, in my opinion, with the word spelling BAAL, the ancient Babylonian deity of child sacrifice and ritual prostitution.

Moving over to the other side, there is a child’s drawing of a devil-type character in what looks like an army barracks. To me, this leans toward the shadow government's MK-ULTRA mind control experiments. If you're interested, research Whitley Streiber's experience with MK-ULTRA and the military facilities for which he claims they took place. Here is a good video on that. The white rabbit represents following one’s curiosity into the unknown realm. Alice follows the white rabbit into Wonderland where she learns about her “true self” and the world around her in which she discovers everyone is a little crazy.

The lesson is to dream of things that seemed previously impossible and to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole to get exactly where you need to be. In the Matrix, following the white rabbit allows Neo to move in and out of the Matrix.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence the boy is wearing red shoes while standing next to what looks like a black hood. Which takes me to the next photo.

In this photo, a model is seated at a desk of which a stack of books is strategically placed within the shot. The top book is Michaël Borremans: Fire from the Sun. Borremans is a Belgian painter and filmmaker who was originally trained as a photographer and creates paintings from that aesthetic. Borremans is known for his unsettling subjects often engaged in odd rituals.

In an article from Apollo Magazine, “For years now he has staged his compositions in the studio, hiring models to bring his props and costumes to life against classically neutral backdrops. Instead of sketching his subjects or painting them from life, he photographs them, and ultimately works from an image on his computer screen… In 2012, Borremans acquired a second, ‘secret’ studio in Ghent – a disused chapel that, in a very real way, is still a sanctuary for the artist. It is there that he has created some of his most famous works, including the ominous Angel that, since its completion in 2013, has become something of an icon. ‘For me, it is a figure of transcendence,’ he says eagerly, picking up a postcard of the work from a stack near our table. ‘When I painted it I was in a difficult emotional state…She got me through to a new place. […] It was painted during one week, in the chapel, and it was very intense. ”

The paintings showing naked children being mutilated and castrated are from Borremans's The Badger's Song series which was published in a book in 1992. The black hooded samples are from Borremans's Black Mould series, published in 2018 of which both collections are highly celebrated in the international art world. In these paintings, the photographer's backdrop cloth or curtain is clearly visible. Whether painted from photographs of actual events or derived from the imagination of the artist, there is no doubt these are satanic rituals from some sect of dark occultists.

The badger is an occult symbol used in witchcraft and satanic ritual. Badgers represents courage and the idea of living successfully in the underworld. In satanic ritual, the badger represents the sacrificial offering.

The bottom book in that stack is Matthew Barney’s The Cremaster Cycle. The Cremaster Cycle is an extensive art installation that includes a five-part feature-length film, a book, and a series of related sculptures. The film, which was shown out of order and begins with part 3 titled The Order, is this extremely foul, perverse and disjointed, plotless, display of schizophrenic absurdities that is supposed to represent, among other things, the initiate’s ascension in Freemasonry to the highest degree using the construction of the Chrysler building as the phallic portion of its symbolic backdrop, and the Guggenheim as the feminine.

From Guggenheim, “Matthew Barney’s epic Cremaster cycle (1994–2002) is a self-enclosed aesthetic system consisting of five feature-length films that explore processes of creation.

The project is rife with anatomical allusions to the position of the reproductive organs during the embryonic process of sexual differentiation: Cremaster 1 represents the most “ascended” or undifferentiated state, Cremaster 5 the most “descended” or differentiated. The cycle repeatedly returns to those moments during early sexual development in which the outcome of the process is still unknown—in Barney’s metaphoric universe, these moments represent a condition of pure potentiality. As the cycle evolved over eight years, Barney looked beyond biology as a way to explore the creation of form, employing narrative models from other realms, such as biography, mythology, and geology.”

About four years ago, Celine Dion partnered with two fashion designers and political activists to create a clothing line for children. I’ve done an extensive video on this already but the takeaway from this video for today is to see how fashion is being used as an instrument for social engineering. It’s a very deliberate and focused strategy that uses visual statements and deep psychology to attempt to radically change human consciousness to a decidedly different worldview.

In the modern art world of the elite which is mostly comprised of political activists and ideologues, whomever is engaging the most undoing of conventional thinking is applauded and rewarded the most. Anything that destroys standard conventional thinking and takes it to the farthest possible extreme gets practically worshipped in the elite art world. Art, whether its fashion or fine art, on the conventional spectrum, is a dramatic historical record of the human condition. For modern art activists, erasing history is very important. Taking what is traditionally thought of as beautiful, meaningful, memorable and turning it into something entirely devoid of meaning, sick, depraved, deathly, hollow, soulless. They call this art. I call it the exploitation and weaponization of art. It’s the politics of the great undoing. In other words, social engineering is not artistic expression. It’s nothing short of dark psychology.

Jesus said, "A tree is known by its fruit." (Luke 6:44) Consider that verse while you view the images from one of Balenciaga's stylists, Lotta Volkova. These photos, it\s reported, came from her Instagram page. They've been shared in various threads on Twitter. The brand claims she has not styled for the company since 2017.

This multi-billion dollar luxury brand has facilitated aesthetics like heroin chic and zombie chic. Now, they've ramped it up to blatant satanic ritual chic? So deconstructive...

This teenager looks like a homeless drug-addled street worker that’s been used and abused beyond recognition. It’s painful to look at. It’s tragic. It’s very sick. This person needs a hospital and not the one Celine Dion recommends.

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