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Esoteric Analysis of the UFO & Alien Narrative

The idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials is being deliberately reinserted into our collective stream of consciousness through media and news campaigns. Clips of unknown craft are being flashed across the screens with careful narration that presents an ominous and mysterious list of possible explanations that leaves the viewing audience in a restless state of fear and flux. Of course, the provided conclusion is this compelling notion of lifeforms from other worlds and strange unknown objects flying through our airspace performing all manner of disturbing and unspeakable acts on humans which, as Jeremy Corbell, documentary filmmaker for the UFO narrative explains, include alien abductions, electrical paralysis, radiation burns, changes to our DNA, sexual encounters, unknown pregnancies and more.

For the last several decades, we’ve been given an official storyline, a narrative, as streams of images splash across our screens with running commentary shaping our thoughts. It goes unchecked, never challenged, never counterbalanced.

Until now.

In this two part presentation, which includes my own dramatic encounter with unknown craft and which sparked a three-decade-long research effort on its heels, I provide a detailed account of my own UFO event and an expert-level analysis of my findings. Join me as I take you through first-hand account and on a journey of discovery of the UFO and Alien narrative.



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