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Netflix's Cuties Controversy Sheds Light on Darker Hidden Agenda

Netflix uses a special new algorithm to recommend content to their subscribers. This is super important to Netflix because they spend billions every year making and curating content that they hope will bring enormous return on their investment.

With their old system, recommendations were based on a rating system. The machine would splash a sampling of movies on the screen, you'd rate them, then selections would be provided based on your data. Problem is, according to Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix, people rate movies from their "aspirational self" rather than from their actual viewing preferences. A person might rate Schindler's List with 5-stars but this has nothing to do with what they actually prefer to watch.

What they've discovered is that there is a great chasm between the "aspirational self" and "revealed values" as far as what's going to keep eyes on Netflix's offerings. Netflix prides itself on providing a wide variety of "quality" content, both the candy and the brocolli, as Hastings put it, to offer their subscribers a healthy viewing diet.

During a TED interview a couple years ago, the curator asked Hastings a compelling question. "Isn't the case with algorithms that they tend to point you away from the brocolli and towards the candy if you're not careful? We just had a talk about how on YouTube, algorithms tend to, actually by being smarter, tend to drive people toward more radical or specific content. It'd be easy to imagine that Netflix's algorithms, just going on revealed values would gradually...we'd all be watching violent pornography or something." (Watch interview here).

Hastings assured the audience that they don't just rely on algorithms. They are a curator service and they provide great films and series. The algorithm within that is simply a tool. Elon Musk, in his Rogan podcast talked about how human activity on the internet is the learning tool for Artificial Intelligence. He said, "It's the Id writ large." I think Netflix's algorithm operates from this same premise keeping in mind, the baseline is limited to their own catalog of content, not every film and series ever made. Netflix makes billions more each year by creating content that will appeal to your "revealed preferences," your Id, based on data compiled from the stuff that they offer only.

Hastings assures, however, that they offer good stuff that will make you super happy, so don't worry.

But, Netflix has come under fire, again. This time, for a French, coming-of-age film that premiered on September 9, called Cuties.

The story is about a young Muslim girl who becomes enamored by a twerking dance clique of 11-year-old girls called Cuties. She’s torn between her family’s conservative religious values and the hyper-sexualized culture of the West. She chooses to defy her family’s wishes and join this twerking crew to “explore her femininity” through this form of dance.

Netflix designed a promotional poster that showed the girls in suggestive poses, a stark contrast to the poster used for the original release in France. The raging inferno of backlash ensued, several organizations and petitions came forward demanding they pull the movie down. Suddenly, a new poster was made, they issued a half-hearted apology stating that the description for the film and the image has been updated.

This isn’t the first time the network has come under fire for controversial films and shows that sexualize young girls. In 2018, they were accused of glamorizing human trafficking with an Italian drama series called “Baby.” The story is promoted as “a group of Parioli teenagers as they defy society in their search for identity and independence against the backdrop of forbidden love, family pressures and shared secrets.”

Hmmm… this narrative sounds awfully familiar. The network called it “edgy entertainment.” Despite the outcry from survivors of the real horrors of human trafficking and other experts in this area, the execs at the network refused to pull the show making profits the priority over "safe, quality content."

Later that same year, they received a firestorm of backlash for its showing of Argentinian film, “Desire.” The film opens with a scene that shows a 9-year-old girl engaged in an inappropriate act while watching television. Close up shots show the young girl heavily breathing and concludes with her reaching an accidental orgasm. The director insists that the children were filmed under close supervision by their parents and were not informed of exactly what it was that they were acting out, as reported in an article with Variety.

Why do they keep doing this? Why do they keep producing and procuring content that carries this narrative over and over again, ignoring the negative response coming largely from their own subscribers? Who decides what programs, and I use that word "programs" deliberately, this streaming provider chooses to offer from their network?

Eighty-five percent of the content you’ll find there, and that’s their number, is their own branded material that represents counter-culture and neo-counter culture ideology. They often use subversion, subliminal messages and subtle manipulation of your thoughts in order to slowly erode your morals and values, your definitions of right and wrong, good and evil. This is presented as carefully scripted shows, movies, miniseries, docuseries, and documentaries.

(I talk about this way more in my video, please watch!)

Billionaire Reed Hastings whose net worth is about $6 billion is not only the company’s founder and CEO, he is a Silicon Valley big tech developer who uses his wealth to fund globalist projects for a political cause. He plays a major role in the branding and direction of his network. He along with his co-founder, Ted Sarandos, and a very interesting panel of directors which includes former advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice, decide viewing content and what happens with the data extracted by its subscribers’ viewing activity. Their mission is two-fold: To acquire as much wealth as possible to fund his globalist philanthropic projects and to use his network as an instrument of indoctrination and propaganda.

Back in 2018, Obama signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix to, "identify and train the next generation of leaders" and that the network provides a platform so he can "tell stories." (Read more about that here).

Hastings is a friend of fellow billionaires Bill and Melina Gates, he has donated generously to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which includes their latest globalist project to chip and track everyone on the earth (read more here). And just like his billionaire colleagues who use their wealth to force big changes upon humanity and the world at large according to their own views and opinions, Hastings big pet project is global education which he plans to start right here in America (read more here).

Hastings wants to turn the K-12 education system, namely through charter schools, into this corporate oligarchical system straight out of Stalin’s playbook. He wants to do away with elected school boards and brick and mortar classrooms and run schools under an oligarchy of billionaire magnates and private non-profit organizations using a technocratic communist model (read more here).

All of the schools and programs Hastings funds and the non-profit organizations creates to run them teach Common Core, nothing different from Bill Gates and his Common Core education reform which received funding by the Rockefeller Foundation (and others) and was part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 that emerged during the Obama administration. Hastings throws billions on what he calls “education reform.”

For example, Dreambox Learning, a Hastings funded program that seems to be one of his favorites considering how much money and attention he puts into it, teaches Bill Gates’ Common Core. And, the money for all of this comes from subscription revenue from his streaming network. His priority is not quality viewing. His priority is making as much money as possible to put into his education "reform."

The proposed goal of Common Core was to put the education system of the entire planet on the exact same globalist page, so to speak, “by adopting a common core of internationally benchmarked standards in math and language arts for grades K-12. This is to quote “ensure that students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be globally competitive.” It is rather interesting that Bill Gates admitted in a Washington Post article from 2013, that nothing was benchmarked, measured or compared to anyone, anywhere, ever. Gates said he hopes his "education stuff" will work but nobody will know for at least ten years.

The plan was to recruit and train a collective of compliant educators and offer public schools gigantic piles of money to incentivize the changeover. Then they initiated a federal task force implemented and enforced by Obama to ensure all textbooks, digital media and curricula are aligned to these standards while the schools were closely monitored to make sure they were not only adhering to these standards but producing high performance levels of the desired results. This comes mainly from test scores. They're big on testing.

“We are living in a world without borders.” Their literature begins.

Public schools all around the world have rejected Common Core in justified outrage. Nobody wants it because its globalist garbage designed to dumb down our children and fulfill a radical political agenda that most human beings find repulsive and, quite frankly, an existential threat. Hastings and his comrades want to tank right through that and force it to happen anyway by funding and creating their own organizations as well as private charter schools and quietly working it into law.

Hastings is also building his own training compound. It's a 2100-acre luxury retreat for teachers in Northern Colorado, all shrouded in secrecy (which you can read about here).

From the article:

Hastings has been one of the country’s biggest donors to the education reform movement that’s trying to reshape America’s struggling school system. And now public records reveal that Hastings is personally financing a new foundation that will operate this training ground for American public school teachers, a passion project shrouded in secrecy that will expand the billionaire’s political influence.”

Hmm…and how is our current education system struggling exactly?

Almost a decade later, Gates admits, not really, that Common Core was a failure. “And so he [Bill Gates] has let it be known that his great philanthropic enterprise to remake American education—to leverage his enormous resources to bend government to his will—has not gone exactly the way he wanted, but the failure can best be attributed to not trying hard enough.” (Read more about that here).

One researcher compared Common Core to Bloom’s Taxonomies, created by Benjamin Bloom in 1956. Bloom, a behavioral psychologist, developed a classification system using an hierarchy of thinking, in other words, a “thinking” system, that educators would use to shape students’ learning in a specific way, to develop critical thinking and higher order cognitive abilities. This was the pivotal switch in academics that took learning from Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and character building, to behavior modification and indoctrination.

What’s interesting about Bloom’s Taxonomies was that it was inundated with anti-American communist propaganda and subversion. And worse, it utilized deep psychology and disturbingly underhanded methods to brainwash student’s minds, to deconstruct their current worldview in exchange for the ideology of the Marxist revolutionaries.

For example, Bloom persistently attacked the American traditional family without openly informing the children or their parents of this intent. By adding what he termed the “affective domain” coupled with a specific cognitive strategy, it drove a very sinister wedge between the student and their parents, primarily their father. The method taught the student to focus on their feelings in the moment rather than rational thought or authoritative wisdom, and then to question, challenge, disregard, defy and even attack the father’s authority in manipulative and highly emotional ways.

Bloom admitted his “affective domain” was like a Pandora’s box full of evils, which once opened could not be closed, causing conflict and tension in the home. This strategy also effectively removed any guilty conscious the child might experience for going against his parent’s wishes. The “affective domain” trains children to reject parental authority and sow discord in the family.

Benjamin Bloom admitted that his worldview was that of two Transformational Marxists; Erich Fromm and Theodor Adorno, two originators of a very specific brand of Marxist revisionism from a socialist think tank known as the Institute for Social Research and later as The Frankfurt School. Fromm and Adorno believed Communist Revolution and Global Marxism could be achieved only by first destroying American culture from within. Using a variety of cognitive strategies, they wanted to reframe the consciousness of Americans, particularly children, to adopt an atheist, materialist, industrial mindset that will be useful for the modern worker in the socialist world.

Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor for the US Department of Education and author of the book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America stated, "Professor Benjamin Bloom was probably the most important Behavioral Psychologist that ever to live. I mean, maybe not quite as much as Pavlov or Skinner, but he really implemented the system of education in the United States."

"Just to give you an idea of how blatant they are, Benjamin Bloom said the purpose of education, and I've often said to parents, do you think education is about reading, writing and Arithmetic? The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students." "And, then he goes on, he defines good teaching, and this is even worse from the parental standpoint, as challenging the student's fixed beliefs." She goes on to say that Bloom bragged that he could take a student from his belief in God and his country to an atheist who doesn't believe in his country in one hour.

Eric Fromm wrote:

"Both the sadistic and the masochistic trends are caused by the inability of the isolated individual to stand alone and his need for a symbiotic relationship [some external authority over him] to overcome this aloneness." [Fromm believed that man could transition from] "not taking the last logical step, to give up 'God' and to establish a concept of man as a being who is alone in the world, but who can feel at home in it if he achieves union with his fellow man and with nature."

"All that matters is that the opportunity for genuine activity be restored to the individual; that the purposes of society and of his own become identical." (Erick Fromm, Escape from Freedom)

"In the process of history man gives birth to himself. He becomes what he potentially is, and he attains what the serpent―the symbol of wisdom and rebellion―promised, and what the patriarchal, jealous God of Adam did not wish: that man would become like God himself." (Erick Fromm, You shall be as gods: A radical interpretation of the old testament and its tradition)

When you put Bloom’s Taxonomies and Gate’s Common Core side-by-side, they are practically identical. Bill Gate’s great breakthrough educational invention was modeled from Benjamin Bloom's Luciferian Marxism.

Designed by International Planned Parenthood (which is really the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates) and the UN, and enforced by the Obama administration, Common Core Globalist Education curriculum included is what is known as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), but it can be called a variety of names such as Human Rights or Gender Equality Education.

It is important to realize the distinction between Sex Education, which is about biology and anatomy, and Sexuality Education which is about indoctrination and redefining human sexuality to fulfill a very specific agenda. Obama had even denied foreign aid to conservative countries who refused to comply.

Included in the curriculum which (begins in Kindergarten) is an attempt to alter the definition of “abstinence” which they change to include everything EXCEPT abstinent behavior. In the new guidelines, “abstinence” includes oral and anal sex, masturbation, vaginal intercourse, touching each other’s genitals, and more.

With a hyper-obsessive focus on sexual pleasure, they teach children as young as four to begin with certain behaviors they can do to themselves. The training for K-12 encourages experimentation, to question one’s orientation and gender, promiscuity and detailed lessons in negotiating “consent." It also normalizes aberrant, high risk behaviors including abortion, shows young children explicit visual materials and incorporates a variety of scare tactics (read more about that here and here).

The core philosophies of Comprehensive Sexuality Education include the following:

  1. We are sexual individuals from birth.

  2. Sexual rights should never be interfered with, and indeed, are our most important rights.

  3. It is healthy to have sexual experiences often, either through masturbation or with another person.

  4. Children have the right to experiment with their sexuality without the interference of their parents.

  5. There are many norms in society and religious beliefs that negatively interfere with natural sexual pleasure.

  6. Children have a right to all sexual information, uncensored and without parental consent.

Of course, all of these ideas come from the very disturbed theories of certain Marxists from the counter-culture movement, like psychologist Wilhelm Reich and biologist and researcher Alfred Kinsey (among others, but these men stand out among them). Both of these men were atheist postmodernists who incorporated their own perversions into their scientific fields and called it normal. Both of these men were serial pedophiles, as well.

Cleverly cloaked in the verbiage of human rights, the CSE curricula promotes the SOGI (sexual orientation/gender identity) worldview in all K-12 public schools. It separates biological sex from gender and teaches that gender is a fluid social construct. No mention of traditional family planning. Everything, including fetishist and taboo behavior is rendered permissible EXCEPT the idea of the Nuclear Family which is conveniently dismissed and omitted from the materials.

They falsely claim that the curriculum is age-appropriate and evidence based.

The purpose and goal of this operation, in the words of the several organizations involved, is “to effect social change” and implement “a large scale culture shift”, “to dismantle systems of power & oppression that perpetuate white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and more” and “to abolish heteronormativity.”

These programs undermine Parental authority and they have worked it into law, making this training compulsory, separating the parent from the child. In certain countries and American states like California, you can’t opt out. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is a global campaign to sexualize children.

These programs are not coming from elected boards of qualified individuals in government programs. They’re coming from non-profit organizations funded by billionaire political activists like Reed Hastings who use the wealth they've obtained from your subscription fees to unleash these radical programs onto the world.

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