• Lisette Verri

Salt Discerns Occult Symbolism in The Weekend's Superbowl LV Halftime Ritual

For the last thirty years or so, the Superbowl halftime event has provided a perfect venue for artist activists to deliver a message, told in their unique, creative way, to the masses. One of the largest viewing audiences television has to offer, the Superbowl Halftime event garnered 103 million viewers last year. What was once a warm and entertaining display of patriotism, spectacle and wholesome American culture, the Superbowl Halftime Show has become a campaign for demoralization, degradation and globalism.

It’s no secret that the Superbowl Halftime show has become a social engineering effort that utilizes clever propaganda designed to cast a "spell" over the minds of the masses for the New World Order (now renamed The Great Reset). According to Madonna, in her song Quavo, the lyrics read, "Not everyone is coming to the future. Not everyone that's here is going to last." Apparently, according to the self-professed elite, not everyone gets to go to the new world. Only the enlightened ones, the special ones, the elite.

So what happens to everyone else?

The Weekend offered a unique encrypted message in his performance. Chock full of esoteric and occult symbolism, he delivered a sinister message that many will not understand. Join me as I take you bit-by-bit through the whole show, decoding the many symbols within.

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