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The Devil, The Tenth Man and The Divine Council

Back in 2013, the movie World War Z, based on the novel penned by Max Brooks, posed the scenario: If there was a worldwide, humanity-threatening, apocalyptic event such as a zombie apocalypse, as absurd as that might sound, how would the governments of the world respond? And, in the story, pretty much every country was failing at its task except one…Israel. Why?

According to the story, Israel was the first to know the nature of the problem, the first to react and also…to prepare. Where other countries scoffed and dismissed it, Israel jumped into action. Why? Well, shortly before the zombie virus started spreading, Israel’s leadership and intelligence gathered and strategized a plan. What was their strategy and why was it so effective? How was Israel the only country able to survive the zombie apocalypse?

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They implemented what is known as the Tenth Man strategy which allowed them to utilize a very effective safeguard against the attack. How does the tenth man strategy work? If ten people on an appointed council are given the same information and nine of them arrive at the exact same conclusion, it’s the duty of the tenth man to disagree, no matter how improbable or preposterous the proposed threat may seem. It is the job of the tenth man to strategize with the assumption that the other nine are wrong.

Turns out, the Tenth Man strategy is not fiction. It's a real thing. It's part of Israel’s intelligence system adopted after the 1973 Yom Kippur War (also known as the Arab-Israeli War), a war so remarkable in its exposure of intelligence failure that it revolutionized Israel’s approach to decision making from that point forward.

According to Eytan Buchman, former (IDF) Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson:

"After the Yom Kippur War (1973), the IDF’s Intelligence Directorate created a Red Team, a devil’s advocate team that can challenge prevalent assumptions within intelligence bodies. The unit is a small and elite one that consists primarily of officers with academic backgrounds. One of the key elements is access. The officers have unfettered access to information through the military and are capable of tendering reports to senior levels - even reaching above the major general who commands military intelligence."

From The Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, an analysis paper titled Lessons from Israel’s intelligence Reforms:

“The staff in the devil’s advocate office is made up of extremely experienced and talented officers who are known to have a creative, “outside the box” way of thinking. Perhaps as important, they are highly regarded by the analysts. As such, strong consideration is given to their conclusions and their memos go directly to the office of the Director of Military Intelligence, as well as to all major decision makers."

"The devil’s advocate office also proactively combats group think and conventional wisdom by writing papers that examine the possibility of a radical and negative change occurring within the security environment. This is done even when the defense establishment does not think that such a development is likely, precisely to explore alternative assumptions and worst-case scenarios.”

The Tenth Man Strategy and the Devil’s Advocate Office are one and the same. What is profoundly interesting is that this council, this rank of specially appointed and credentialed individuals is modeled after a biblical concept known as the Divine Council.

The subject of the Divine Council has been a big buzz word lately due in large part to one man. Do a Google search with the words “divine council” and the search results, hundreds of them, will come up with one name, Dr. Michael Heiser, PhD, professional debunker, self-proclaimed scholar and expert in the field. Heiser’s books, The Unseen Realm and Reversing Hermon, are gaining in popularity in both non-Christian and fringe circles, but also among Christians as well. He claims to reveal the “truth” of the divine council with expert insight into the supernatural realm of God that has either been misunderstood or suppressed in the theological world. As per usual, he claims to have knowledge and insight into the subject that others do not.

Watch this compelling presentation that not only discerns the concept of the Divine Council from a biblical and historical view, but also analyzes Michael Heiser's alternative, occult-leaning position. See what this guy's up to in the world of alternative biblical interpretation and end time bible prophecy propaganda. After viewing this analysis, you can decide for yourself if what Dr. Michael Heiser is doing is an asset to the kingdom or serving another purpose.


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