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Welcome to MovieSalt: Expert Esoteric Analysis of TV, Film & Media

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

When Apostle John the Revelator saw the great vision of God’s judgment, he stood upon the seashore and saw a beast rise out of the sea. There were other beasts, notably in Daniel and earlier verses in Revelation, but the one in chapter 13 is the final beast, one that is a composite of all the beasts prophesied before. They’re all one “beast” serving one purpose, following the same pattern of wickedness and degradation along the course of history. But as prophetic verses explain, it grows and expands into one final monstrosity, a vision shared by Apostle John for the last days.

The beast is comprised of kings and empires, ruling powers and dominions that throughout human history, eventually combine into a one-world power. It is the enemy of God, of the church, of humanity, and desires to assume control of it all. He was given power over “every tribe and people and tongue and nation” (Revelation 13:7b)

Then, John, the Apostle is shown a second beast that rises from the earth. Exercising all the authority given to it by the first beast, he makes those who dwell on the earth worship the first beast. He has survived a fatal head wound of which many scholars believe could be a return of the pagan world system of Babylon or the imperialist atheistic humanism of the Roman Empire. Only this time, the resurrection of this ancient system will have the benefit of advanced scientific and technological tools and devices. It will perform great signs and wonders, this false prophet, even calling fire down from heaven deceiving the inhabitants of the earth and ordering them to make an image to the beast, the one whose fatal head wound had been healed.

While scripture does not make clear what exactly this image is, it does say that its purpose is to honor the beast and cause all those who do not worship the beast to be put to death. The second beast gives this image “breath” and causes it to “speak” suggesting that it has the illusion of life with the ability to communicate. It is a reflection, a likeness, a representation… that’s clever and deceptive to such a degree to convince almost every living person on the earth to worship it.

This channel is dedicated to exposing this image through insightful, expert analysis of the deceptive, esoteric, and occult devices used in media, film, television, and more. Learn to recognize and discern the symbols and strategies to such a degree that your mind can never be deceived again.

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