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What are the Luciferian Black Sun Occultists planning for the Nu-Nu-Nu World Order?

By now everyone’s seen the commercial for the new clothing line from Celine Dion who’s partnered with a company called Nununu. I’m a bit late out of the gate on this but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring anyway. The internet is on fire talking about this and I saw some stuff that needs to be added to this conversation. So, lets just get right into it.

In the promo video, Celine, who’s portrayed as Glinda The Good Doctor riding in a limousine and looking so fabulous in her fashionable glitter gown is here to bring healing magic to the babies. The script begins with how our children really are not our children, attempting to detach them from the construct of traditional family. They don’t belong to their parents, family, heritage or culture. The message Glinda The Gender Goddess is bringing here is that children belong to the world, the unbuilt future for which they plan to build right here and now using fashion. Children belong to the system, the one they are making with new rules and new standards.

The old way is sick and needs healing, so she’s got her medical bag with the Red Cross symbol depicted in white, probably symbolizing 'purity.' Celine enters the hospital wearing a black power suit. No more glitter gown because now she’s here to take care of business. Goddesses can change their wardrobe at will, see. They have powers. She’s magic.

She enters the hospital room where children for some reason are separated by gender, something that is not done in real life but serves here as a metaphor for how the world so wrongly delineates newborns by their biological gender. How insidious! They have males on the left denoted by “night,” the “moon” and darkness, females on the right, denoted by day and the sun and light, an important detail here.

She then spews her black magic nano dust everywhere and suddenly the room converts into this black and white, colorless, generic environment with the white cross symbol of purity carefully placed above both sides of the room and floating all through the air, and an entire generation of infants become these generic, blank slate, cookie-cutter, non-binary entities that have zero identifying attributes.

They are now voided constructs, a blank slate for which they can decide to construct themselves however they want with ZERO added input. You’re not allowed to give them any data at all, no input. Just hurl them into the world and let them figure it out for themselves with only the help of the creepy fashion gods.


A detail I noticed besides the prison uniforms this line of clothing is offering an our children, (that’s right, I said it, our children, God's children), is the strange, creepy dolls placed in some of the isolettes. I’ll get back to that.

Then the cops enter the room, somebody's called the fuzz. And, she has this weird inner dialogue about how she’s a mega star, a celebrity goddess who can’t go to jail! There are separate rules for the elite, special rules for the worlds gods and goddesses! Didn’t you know that? She starts running, they overtake her, and they begin to take her away, but not without giving a shout out to another super diva, the high priestess of the New World Order, Beyonce.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it really is this blatant now. This is the world we’re living in now.

At the website, you see Celine flanked by her new partners housed inside the Nununu brand’s symbol and they offer their mission statement.

They are telling you that they intend to shape people's minds...particularly children's minds. Scroll down and you find a quote:

"CELINUNUNU is a joint partnership between iconic performer Celine Dion, and co-founders and designers of the kids fashion brand nununu Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg. Together, these fierce female forces have created a new children's clothing brand that breeds equality and freedom of spirit, serving as a platform for a new humanistic education."

"...a new humanistic education" from children's clothes.

"CELINUNUNU liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl, and enables younger people to grow on the values of equality with the freedom to strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect."

In other words, they intend to erase gender identity and let people create a new personality lacking in biological markers. The straw man they are making here is that society somehow does not respect each other because gender identity seems to get in the way.

"The brand flows on the axis between the values of education and empowering dialog. We believe that an educational experience is possible through children's clothes, because fashion builds concepts deep within our minds and changes thought patterns."

They are telling us straight out that this clothing line is not about children's clothing. It is about building new concepts and changing thought patterns. Of course, this idea is not new.

From Wikipedia:

The New Economic Policy’s authorization of private business allowed Western fashion to enter the Soviet Union. However, Bolshevik ideology opposed Western fashion consumption as an intrinsically capitalist practice. Western fashion emphasized both economic status and gender differences under a system that sought to deemphasize both.

In the early 1920s, Party-sanctioned magazines like Rabotnitsa ("The Working Woman") and Krest’yanka ("The Peasant Woman") offered discourse on fashion. Covers displayed women in plain work clothes, yet the magazines often contained advertisements for private companies selling stylish attire. By 1927, however, the magazines’ message was consistent: women should be judged on their capability for work, not their appearance. Fashion, as a beauty aid, was therefore bourgeois and detrimental to socialist society.

In its place, the state commissioned projects to engineer a new Soviet type of dress, which drew on traditional clothing, constructivist forms, and technological facility. Constructivists like Varvara Stepanovaand Alexander Rodchenko agreed that fashion driven by the market was inherently harmful. They employed the simple geometry of cubism to design clothing that was functional, easily mass-produced, and sometimes unisex. Due to lack of adequate material and machinery, however, this prozodezhda, or "production clothing", did not appeal to the proletariat audience for which it was intended. Designs were only available to the most privileged members of the intelligentsia, who ultimately preferred Western fashion to the highly experimental prozodezhda.

Scroll down the Celinununu website a bit and you will find a quote.

When I saw this, I stopped dead in my tracks. Trust me when I say, there is nothing about the thoughts of Margaret Mead that you want anywhere near your children’s brains. Margaret Mead was an anthropologist from Columbia University. Columbia University is basically the headquarters for cultural Marxism and the think tank for the counter-culture movement of the sixties. The counter-culture movement was not some natural phenomenon. It was a deliberate political operation bent on destroying western civilization from within the culture. Through radical undermining of civilized society and the tearing down of all established standards and norms, they believed they could overturn Western culture completely and the Judeo-Christian values it was founded upon, and flip it over to communism through the liberal arts in academia and politics, through Hollywood and film, through the modern art movement, music and the media. Margaret Mead played a roll in that steaming cesspool of toxic anti-christ filth known as the counter-culture movement.

She was a student of Franz Boas, another radical liberal communist intellectual from Columbia University. They spent their academic careers and their parents’ wealth studying primitive cultures, in this case, tribal cultures, to see if their socialist theories were true. To a radical liberal communist intellectual, man is not a product of nature, they are a product of society, of mind consciousness. Cultural determinism is the idea that every aspect of human identity and everything we value is a product of society alone. Ants behave like ants because they live in an anthill, not because they are biologically an ant with built-in purpose.

Margaret Mead along with her teacher and mentor Franz Boas were radical liberal communists whose contemporaries included members of the Theosophical Society and the early founders of the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxism, and devoted their work to the counter-culture movement of the sixties of which they believed would bring about their anti-christ communist New World Order.

She is considered a laughingstock in the anthropology community (and by the people she studied, too) mostly because she wrote this book about an eight-month stay in Samoa which she went there to study their culture and ended up forcing her own skewed ideas into her observations.

In typical radical liberal fashion, she falsified her account, insisting that her ideas about unrestrained free sexuality which included bisexuality and other perversions, along with her refusal to align human behavior with nature and biology, and well, that the majority of the world, including primitive, tribal communities, aren’t a bunch of rebellious deviant perverts, her book was full of factual errors and biased opinions, a laughable work of fiction and not one credible anthropologist takes her work seriously.

On their home page, they are throwing the New World Order concept in our face right at the gate. Now, these photos are going to disturb, so if you haven’t seen them yet, be prepared. These precious children are being branded with satanic symbols and imagery, death cult imagery, and other very disturbing elements that come from the darkest end of the spectrum. These people are from the Cult of the Black Sun, the darkest realm of Luciferianism, the darkest and most destructive sect of Satanism. And, they maintain the tiniest bit of subtlety here, but theyr'e also making some bold statements.

This one celebrates Cernunnos, the horned god, representing Lucifer, often depicted as the stag. I wonder if the name Nununu is a play on the name Cernunnos?

“Nu” is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet. "Nu" is also the 13th star in the conste­llation ‘Nu Draconis’ of which Nu is one of the eye’s of the Dragon. “Nun” is the 14th letter in the alphabets of the Semitic languages which includes Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic. It is thought to derive from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of a snake.

What’s interesting is that the Hebrew word for snake or serpent, which is “nachash,” begins with “Nun.” In Aramaic, the word for snake is also “Nun.”

The word “nachash” used in Genesis for "serpent" does not describe a scaly reptile that crawls on his belly. It means “to hiss,” as in to "whisper a magic spell," or the "whispering of soothsayers”, “to divine,” “to enchant,” “or to diligently observe.”

Their photos show young boys in dresses with disturbing symbols and imagery that represent secret societies and death. They portray very young girls in very Kubrick-esque "Eyes Wide Shut" masked ball mansion party costumes. As portrayed in Kubrick’s film, they would bring in prostitutes to serve in their sex magic rituals which pretty much tells you the level of value they have for these children.

Here is the all-seeing eye representing Lucifer with 3-6 on the knees, 3 sixes, the number of the beast on the knees as if to say "bow down to the beast…"

They have pyramids,… a lot of Masonic black and white stripes almost like prison stripes, like they are putting prison clothes on our children!

The Braille pattern...this is interesting… In their own words “…a play on our current obsession with different forms of communication. Think of as polka dots with a purpose.” These people communicate through symbols and the proof is right here. They are telling you straight out that they communicate on a whole other level using symbols.

Pentagrams and devil horns, representing the Baphomet. Numbers, humans are simply a number, children are simply a number, no human value in the communist technocratic beast world system, you are just a number, you are one of many meaningless numbers...

A control freak in their world more likely does not represent a controlling person who is in charge, rather it represents the controlled person who enjoys being controlled.

Then we have super heroes and capes, representing the titans, the demigods, the idea of obtaining super powers, a promise of the transhumanism movement. Ever wonder why practically every movie in the theaters these days is about super heroes? It is programming, driving home a specific idea. For the futurist transhumanists in the Cult of the Black Sun, the final stage of human evolution, which can only be achieved with the aid of technology, is to evolve into the superhuman, the ubermensche or the overman, as Nietzsche put it, and become as gods.

The A and Z, the beginning and end, a blasphemous twist on Alpha and Omega, also to say the "end is also a beginning..." The Z representing the Hebrew letter Zayin meaning serpent, it can also mean sword or weapon, it can also mean "air" as in "god of the air." In Kabbalah it is the lightning bolt, the symbol for Lucifer, it can also represent the power of the feminine.

Here’s one showing the 666 hand sign over the eyes, as if to say “see the world thru eyes of the beast.” The skull robot, which was designed by an artist that they are featuring here as part of their design team, which I will get to more about the artist here in a bit, depicts the concept, roughly interpreted, "dead humanity plus machines."

The Skull Robot symbolizes both the death cult and the futurist transhumanist movement. It is a symbol that represents the death of the human era which if you watch some of my other videos you will realize that they have a plan to literally end humanity by merging human biology with the machine, within 5 to 10 years by the way, which they call the “singularity” and transform humanity into these robot like beings that merge with their centralized AI system to become part of the hive collective. No more individuality, no more independent thought or personal identity. They will provide you with an identity within the parameters of their ideology.

The Skull Robot is the epitome of the end of humanity and the death cult’s pledge to merge man with machine to create a new species of robot humans that will serve in the hive like little like-minded worker bees, serve in the collective of the New World Order. The end. It is this insane, you simple cannot make this up.

This as "Virtruvian girl," a taken from Da Vinci’s drawing of man in perfect proportion. Da Vinci who was also a Luciferian, the square is masculine and the circle feminine. The square and the circle being the spiritual representation of the perfect balance between masculinity and femininity. Da Vinci’s "Virtruvian Man" symbolizes spiritual perfection achieved when the masculine and feminine are brought together as one. A deeply satanic idea.

The symbol they use for their brand, the white cross, could be a play on the "X," but seems more to me a manipulation of the Red Cross symbol which carries a medical connotation. The Red Cross was intended to be a neutral international symbol of humanitarianism. And they depict it here in white perhaps to represent purity.

The "X" symbol is a Masonic sign of Osirus the Egyptian sun god. It’s an esoteric symbol for the sun, for knowledge, for transformation and change. It represents the Chaldean/Babylonian sky god or sun deity which carried with it a sexual connotation. Luciferians take it to mean Lucifer himself who is a solar god but use the "X" when a sexual connection is to be implied, as in "X rated."

And, if all of that doesn't have you burning with the fury of a thousand suns, the artist that they showcase on their website, Shay Id Alony, who is a pivotal part of their design team, is rather disturbing in both the aesthetic of his work and his philosophy. Upon visiting his website (click here), one can quickly see the essence of what interests him as well as the messages he attempts to communicate with his art.

It's dark.

He seems to be big on ancient Rome, Greek mythology, evolution, primitive states, etc. Here he is wearing a dress. He is the artist behind the creepy dolls, which look like demonic little germ entities. Yet another reflection of how these people value children. He is the artist behind the Skull Robot. After seeing his art collection, I find it disturbing in the extreme that this is the artist behind the design of children's clothes with the intent of shaping the thoughts of an entire generation of children.

A few samples of his work...This is the man designing clothing for children.

Here is a sample of his performance art titled "The Feast:"

And another titled "Sketchbook:"

Which brings us to the black sun. This right here tells us everything we need to know about the specifics of who and what these people are and what they believe.

This is a very dark symbol, representing… well, here... listen to my video presentation (also linked at the top of this page). It's all in there...

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