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May 22, 2018


In case you didn't already know... Salt Radio Ministries provides compelling and thought provoking content on our YouTube channel!


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Check out some of our newest videos:


Has the ANTICHRIST been REVEALED by an unlikely source? Revisited & Updated:



Has the ANTICHRIST been REVEALED by an unlikely source? Revisited & Updated:



LUCIFER & THE FALL OF THE UNIVERSE (before the creation of the earth):


THE MARK OF THE BEAST IN THE AGE OF NEW TECH (Bread & Circuses - Ep. 1 of 4):


MIND CONTROL THROUGH THE WIDE GATE (Bread & Circuses - Ep. 2 of 4):


WORSHIP THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST - DEFINED (Bread & Circuses - Ep. 3 of 4):





The Biblical Truth About Hell, That You Probably Can't Accept:


Are Believers Being Led to Believe a Lie?:


The Bible Prophecy that  Nobody Talks About - Sharing the Suffering of Christ:


Is the Theory of Everything encrypted in the Bible? Where Science and Scripture Collide:


Biblical Verses that Identify the Antichrist:


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Our Mission

Salt Radio Ministries was created  as an answer to a call from the Lord to fulfill this purpose: to share the gospel, to make disciples, to expose and reprove works of darkness. Our goal is to lead as many people as possible into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to prepare them for His return. It is Salt Radio Ministries greatest mission to share God's word with the world, offer encouragement, news, revelation, prayer, strength and hope to everyone who visits.

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.

~ John 15:8

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