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See Why This Strange Prophetic Movie Was Suppressed

Back in January,' Jay Dyer from JaysAnalysis and author of Esoteric Hollywood posted a request on Twitter for movies we most wanted analyzed. I made a couple of suggestions thinking that he might be impressed by my choices as well as the obscurity of these strange Sci-Fi films from the seventies that are just chocked full of the stuff that Jay talks about on his channel.

Let’s just say, I’m a fan of JaysAnalysis so I was thrilled that he picked my film request. And, in his analysis, he picked up on a bunch of stuff that I didn’t consider, one of the reasons I like his take on things. So, thank you Jay for digging in to this. But, I'm going to take it a bit further.

Demons Seed is a movie based on a Dean Koontz novel, published in 1973, about a big tech developer who designed the world’s first artificial intelligence super computer which he named Proteus IV. The film debuted in 1977 and the concept way ahead of its time.

Here’s the thing… the concepts in this film speak to the slated goals of big tech and Silicon Valley, the globalist technocratic effort, things that are becoming reality right here, right now, to startling accuracy. Did Dean Koontz have some incredible insight and imagination? Clearly Koontz has a vivid imagination, because his books have sold over 400 million copies. But, there is so much Luciferian technocratic symbolism and insight in the story that I remain skeptical that he made it all up in his mind. Anyone who writes a book does tons of research first. The public could in no way be ready for something like this and that’s why this old film with interestingly symbolic, really bad special effects and all its weirdness and horror was not only suppressed but dismissed by the general public at large.

Join me as I explore what could be one of the earliest attempts at predictive programming for the technocratic beast world system that was prophesied in the book of Revelation.

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