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What are the Black Sun Occultists planning for the American Solar Eclipse Aug. 21?



And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

~ Revelation 9:1-2

On August 21, 2017, Americans will have a rare opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse from almost everywhere in the country. This marks the first total solar eclipse in almost 40 years to be visible in the United States, the first in 99 years where totality is visible somewhere within the country, and the first since 1776 where totality is visible from coast-to-coast like the eclipse event coming up this August.

What is spectacular about this eclipse is that it will be visible from Oregon to South Carolina forging a path approximately 70 miles wide. This is a coast-to-coast path where totality of the eclipse will be visible. August 21, 2017 will be the first time in 99 years where totality of the solar eclipse will be visible from coast-to-coast.

From the article: Total Solar Eclipse 2017: When, Where and How to See it Safely by Mike Wall at Space.com:

The fact that total solar eclipses occur at all is a quirk of cosmic geometry. The moon orbits an average of 239,000 miles (384,600 kilometers) from Earth — just the right distance to seem the same size in the sky as the much-larger sun.

But, most solar eclipses are of the partial variety, in which the moon appears to take a bite out of the sun's disk. Indeed, two to five solar eclipses occur every year on average; total eclipses happen just once every 18 months or so. (Eclipses are relatively rare because the moon's orbit is inclined about 5 degrees relative to that of Earth. If the two bodies orbited in exactly the same plane, a solar eclipse would occur every month, during the moon's "new" phase.)

Furthermore, the narrow path of totality is often inaccessible to skywatchers — most of Earth is covered by water, after all —so a total solar eclipse that occurs over populated areas is quite special. Indeed, the August 2017 event will be the first one whose totality path lies completely within the United States since 1776, experts have said.

That path goes from the Oregon coast through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. While just 12 million people or so live within the narrow band, perhaps 220 million reside within a day's drive of it.

Furthermore, the path of totality is often inaccessible to skywatchers — most of Earth is covered by water — so a total solar eclipse that occurs over populated areas is quite special, according to Space.com skywatching columnist Joe Rao. Indeed, the August 2017 event will be the first one whose totality path lies completely within the United States since 1776 - the year country claimed its independence and formed the foundation of our American government.

Even more compelling is that this eclipse for which totality can be viewed, will span across twelve states along an area where approximately twelve million people reside. While just 12 million people or so live within the narrow band, perhaps 240 million reside within a day's drive of it. Interesting capture of the number twelve considering that it is the biblical number for God's government.

For those of us who watch the prophetic signs in the sky, I wanted to look into this eclipse event a little more. We know that the blood moons from 2014-2015 all fell on Jewish Feast Days, an unprecedented fulfillment of prophecy in itself.

And, don't forget the two total solar eclipses that fell smack dab in the middle and at the end of the four blood moons and on March 20, 2015 and September 15, 2015 respectively. To have all of these blood moons and total eclipses fall on these High Holy Days in succession is clearly a prophetic sign that should not be ignored.

Further, this eclipse will occur one lunar month prior to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017, another incredible fulfillment of end-time biblical prophecy.


Hopefully this will offer some thought-provoking insight to what I believe to be the current phase in Luciferian occult activity and ritual, which many of us know is directly linked to the New World Order Globalist agenda that seems to be aligning itself or attaching itself to the Great American Solar Eclipse event taking place in August of this year.

All of this activity has been ramping up and increasing in intensity, in plain sight, for a very long time. The cult of the Black Sun is not new and I'm going to show you that here in this video (see below). But, they are really pushing it hard and fast in everyone’s face because they know their time is short. And for those aren’t fully aware of Satan’s time constraint, or in denial about it, they are still led and compelled by him, all working diligently to get the Globalist Government, New World Order implemented as fast as possible.

We know why, Satan knows why, the globalist elite know why. The goats, however… well, they are just falling prey to their lawlessness and lust-fill carnality, a natural consequence of the reprobate mind through godlessness and love for the beast world system.

Everything that’s happening in the world right now, the big push for global governance and currency is all working toward one goal – to make way for the Antichrist, who will assume control of the entire world. If you think Climate Change and Paris Accord is actually about saving the environment, you have a lot of homework to do.

The world will be charging itself onward with the globalists hands on the levers of control and the UN as its storefront, to create a communist-socialist neo-marxist one-world government and when that is achieved, the Antichrist will enter the scene. If you’ve ever wondered what the world will be like when the Antichrist hits the scene, this is it.

Right now, they want to set a global standard to obtain control of the working class wages which they are trying to do thru the climate change agenda. Its not about the environment, its about global currency and wealth redistribution.

Listen, Saints…. The best Donald Trump can offer us is a stay of liberty for another 3 and a half years. We know where the world is heading so don’t fool yourself that any human power can gain victory over the beast. There is only One who has the power and authority to do that and his name is Jesus.

But, the black sun occult symbology and neo-marxist globalist agenda, which go hand-in-hand, is showing up all over the place and it seems to crescendo at the Great American Solar Eclipse event in August of this year, which falls exactly one lunar month before the Great Sign of Revelation 12 that takes place on September 23, 2017. An enormous biblical prophetic sign that will appear in the sky on that date.

I first became curious about the Black Sun symbolism when Bowie came out with his Blackstar album right before his death. A lifetime fan of Bowie, of course I thoroughly realize he’s a Luciferian who openly proclaimed his allegiance to Luciferianism and ancient occult practices like Kabbalah and Aleistair Crowley. So, when I view David’s work, I view it thru the lens for what it is – dark art that’s frought with occult symbolism from the Luciferian point of view.

The album title is Blackstar with the single of the same name is one deeply symbolic and compelling display of Bowie’s last message to the world at the point before his demise. A signal or beacon to something which can only be sinister in its meaning. Bowie has always used his art to convey a message as most, if not all artists do. And it would be impossible to understand where Bowie is coming from if you dont realize is core belief system and worldview.

Basic Luciferianism is the idea of “sympathy for the devil.” It’s the idea that Lucifer got the raw end of the deal, the scapegoat, the one promised the world and sacrificed everything just because he wanted to enlighten God’s creation, mankind, and give them godlike status.

Luciferianism is based on the lie that the devil is the good guy, God is the tyrannical unfair monster, and Jesus was sent to remove Lucifer from his rightful station as messiah and god of this earth.

What Luciferians fail to accept is that Lucifer is fallen, and any good standing he once had, is gone and gone forever. He did not desire to enlighten mankind with great divine knowledge. That was a very subtle and seductive trick. He knew exactly what he was doing in the garden, which was to seduce Adam and Eve with the idea of becoming their own god, to reject the Most High God, and rebel against Him.

But, Luciferians don’t look at the part of the story where Lucifer fell and for good reason. They believe the devil is good, the one who advocates for mankind, who desires to bring us total enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, and godlike status, right here on the earth. Luciferians believe the lie of Satan, which has not changed one jot or tittle since the beginning, and they will follow it to their eternal demise.

Beside the blackstar eclipsed sun symbolism and imagery in Bowie’s video, one other main component that I found fascinating was the skull of Major Tom, the deseased astronaut who can only be interpreted as Lucifer himself.

We are led to believe that Major Tom is indeed Bowie who has passed away and his skull, which is incrusted with fine jewels is preserved for a ritual that is witnessed later in the video.

But the astronaut is not Bowie, even in Bowie’s own interpretation. The astronaut is none other than Lucifer, still in his covering of fine jewels that is spoken of in the book of Ezekiel 28, verses 13-15.

"You were in Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your covering: The ruby, the topaz and the diamond; The beryl, the onyx and the jasper; The lapis lazuli, the turquoise and the emerald; And the gold, the workmanship of your settings and sockets, Was in you. On the day that you were created They were prepared. "You were the anointed cherub who covers, And I placed you there. You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire. "You were blameless in your ways From the day you were created Until unrighteousness was found in you.”

~EZEKIEL 28:13-15

Of course, Luciferians reject the rest of the passage… the portion that speaks of his fall from grace and loss of his beauty, stature and fine covering. Which is evidenced here in Bowie’s portrayal of Lucifer with a jewel encrusted skull which will be preserved and worshipped, and used to conjure a demon seen later in the video.

Lucifer floating toward the blackstar is symbolic of Lucifer dying to his former self and will soon emerge to what he believes is his rightful place.

The story that Bowie unfolds with Blackstar is in the Villa of Ormen, which means “house of the serpent”, a solitary candle burns (one source of light) at the center.

He goes on to say… "On the day of execution, Only women kneel and smile, at the center of it all..."

The day of execution is Christ’s death on the cross. Commemorating this day, the coven of witches will execute a ritual which is at the center of the Villa of Ormen, or the house of the serpent.

He continues…

Something happened on the day he died Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried I’m a blackstar

Bowie is stating clearly here that on the day Jesus died, His spirit rose up and then stepped aside so that Lucifer can step into his place. He bravely cries, “im a blackstar”

Bowie goes on to ask…

How many times does an angel fall? How many people lie instead of talking tall? He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd (I’m a blackstar, I’m not a gangster)

In other words… how many times does Lucifer fall? According to scripture, once. And, that’s it. He is the only liar in this scenario, but Bowie portrays it as God is the liar who will not tell Lucifer’s truth to the world.

So, Lucifer claims sacred ground and cries out that he is a black star, and he’s not a gangster, not the bad guy. While the coven performs the ritual, a demon is conjured. Bowie seems to have no difficulty portraying Jesus as the “straw man” in a blasphemous scene of the crucifixion.

What is compelling, however, is that Bowie, who portrays a Luciferian Preacher of sorts, waves the book of the blackstar across his face as the ritual is underway and the demon is conjured. The wave resembles the path of the solar eclipse as it moves across the sky as it will on August of this year. Something is set to happen at the point of this eclipse, Bowie knew it as did many others.

Chris Cornell, also a Luciferian of the Black Sun cult, passed away on May 18, 2017 in what is being reported as a suicide by hanging. Cornell, has forged a decades long successful music career is a prolific songwriter, musician and performer in the bands Soundgarden, AudoSlave and more recently as a solo artist. A lifelong fan of Cornell as with Bowie, I’ve always recognized the dark nature of his message in his art. Songs like Jesus Christ Pose and Black Hole Sun are two of Cornell’s signature hits.

What is compelling about Cornell’s death is that for weeks prior I kept hearing Black Hole Sun re-emerge in radio circulation. Cornell showed no evidence of drug or alcohol relapse, appeared in the public eye as a vibrant, healthy and happy person enjoying this new chapter in his family life and career. So, to hear of a sudden suicide sent his fans, myself included, into shock and dismay. It’s further mysterious that on the day he died, hours prior he did not seem himself and appeared to be under the influence of “something” that left most of his onlookers wondering what was going on. This was seemingly out of character for Cornell, at least at this point in his life and career. So, to see him on stage obviously impaired was disturbing to say the least.

It would be only hours after his final performance that he would be found dead by hanging in his hotel room with no warning, no suicide note, nothing. Toxicology reports claim that while there were prescription drugs in his system, they were not what caused his death.


His wife has made statements to the public claiming outrage for prescription anti-anxiety medications that are said to cause suicidal thoughts in some patients. Ativan, the drug prescribed to Cornell, is not typically considered one of these drugs unless abused and misused for a prolonged period of time, and even with that, it is rare in the extreme.

Considering that Cornell is the artist who created Black Hole Sun, a song that is timeless in its emotional impact and lyrical content, would suddenly die by mysterious causes in May of this year. The Spring before the Great Eclipse that would come this fall.

When researching material for this video, I came across a song that Cornell wrote that was released in September of 2015 titled Nearly Forgot my Broken Heart, a solo project for an album called Every Time I Stare Into The Sun. In this video, Cornell’s character is line to be hung in the town square of an old west town with a few other men.

His wife passes a bottle of some elixir to the woman executioner who pours it onto Cornell’s rope right before it tightens around his neck. His wife is shown in the audience expressing feigned anguish and an almost erotic enjoyment of the entire event. After the floor drops out and Cornell is hung, a wagon carries his body away from the scene and dumps him onto the floor. Cornell is not dead at all, as the elixir obviously allowed him to live. What’s curious is that the executioner is there to collect her pay, which is to become his bride immediately after the event.

Now you tell me? Is it not a bit too ironic that one of the last songs Cornell would write would be of his own hanging, which was fake, that his wife was part of the scheme, and that the execution expects to be paid, immediately after the ruse was successful?

We all realize that with the election of Donald Trump as the president that a globalist coup executed by the deep state has been unleashed upon the world. One would have to be completely brain-dead, or brainwashed, or both, to not see that the neo-marxist, communist-socialist overlords have manufactured an expertly devised campaign to resist Trump and his voting base at every turn.

In this Deisel commercial, the neo-marxist utopia is cleverly portrayed using Trump’s wall as the stumbling block between a conservative world and the neo-marxist utopia where everything and anything goes. The wall is a symbol for the “old way” and the youth in this story break through the wall to achieve their goal, the goal of the free world without any constraint.

What is interesting, however, is the male model who stands alone on one side of the wall has a tattoo on his stomach of the Nazi Black Sun Occult symbol. The irony here is that these are the people who see Trump as the Nazi figure and the wall as a form of fascism yet this male model is wearing a nazi occult symbol that takes up a large portion of his upper body. What is represented here is two things – this population of young people represent the new world, the neo-marxist world IS the home of the superior race. In this utopia, the lawless and godless are the superior race in a utopian world and they will break down any barrier to achieve it.

The timing of this commercial is pivotal. The model wears the symbol of the black sun on one side of Trumps wall which is scheduled to build at any time in the very near future. Perhaps the mindset of the breaking down of this wall, which is symbolized here on many levels, will take place at the time of the Great American Solar Eclipse?

Watch this compelling video to see what I have discovered on this topic of The Cult of the Black Sun, how it relates to the Great American Solar Eclipse and the Great Sign of Revelation 12. There is so much here that it was impossible to pack into one broadcast, but what is here is very worth the viewing time.

Video: Great American Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17, Black Sun Cult & Opening of the Abyss in REV 9

As we draw nearer to Jesus' return, the condition of the world will descend deeper into chaos and depravity. Keep your eyes on the Lord, watch and prepare for His return.

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