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Is the Theory of Everything Encrypted in the Bible? Where Science and Scripture Collide

A lot of people struggle with the idea that the Bible is the authentic, inspired word of God. The Bible is not just a communication device or an historical record. It is also a living document from the Creator. It is an omni-dimensional expression of the Living God, the Creator of the universe.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God.”

~John 1:1

The ancient Jews used Hebrew as their numerical system. Each letter is also a number. The numbers are interrelated. In other words, the numeric value for words relate to each other in significant ways. For example, the ancient Hebrew word for “father” (Ab) is 1 + 2. Sum of 1 + 2 = 3. The Hebrew word for “mother” (Am) is 1 + 40. Sum of 1 + 40 = 41. The sum of “father” plus “mother equals 44. The Hebrew word for “child” (yeled) is 10 + 30 + 4 = 44.

Get the idea?

But, that’s just basic stuff. The Bible uses numbers in such a remarkable way that it is difficult to consider this as solely a human invention. Every mathematical discipline, including quantum physics is found in the Bible. And, I’m not talking Bible Codes here which was a popular and ridiculous trend from several years ago. I’m talking one long string of numeric code that is so complex, spanning multiple mathematical disciplines, that provides evidence of the fundamental building blocks of everything in creation.

"The Torah is just a long string of numbers..."

Aronofsky, D. (1998) Pi. Film.

Physicists, for decades, have been working on a master theory otherwise known as the Theory of Everything. This theory, otherwise known as Emergence Theory, Final Theory, or Ultimate Theory, is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. Finding a theory of everything is one of the major unsolved problems in physics.

Physicists at Quantum Gravity Research in Los Angeles, California, along with findings from CERN, postulate a good looking working model that, so far, has been making some good predictions. They theorize that there are seven components that work in concert that comprise our reality:

1 – Information

2 – Causality Loops

3 – Non-determinism

4 – Consciousness

5 – Pixelation

6 – E8 Crystal

7 – The Golden Ratio

They theorize that these seven components make up the fundamental building blocks of reality. It is these seven forces and dynamics that make up the fabric of the universe.

One thing you have to realize about physicists is that their sole purpose is to understand reality without the possibility of a supreme being or creator. For them, God can never enter the equation. Maybe that’s why they can’t seem to reconcile the Theory of Everything?

Is it possible that the Theory of Everything is encrypted in the Bible? I believe that the answers to these unsolved problems are in the one place that physicists refuse to look. In this video, I break down into fundamentals each of the seven components of this theory and apply parallel Bible verses. Join me on this journey as I take a look at how the Bible clearly provides data for every mathematical discipline and the answers to the most profound mystery known to mankind.

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