• Lisette Verri

The God Construct and the Phenomenon of Triples

I cannot recall the exact day when it began. It just started showing up, like someone you’d see at the bus stop on your way to work. On one particular day you just notice them. Had they always taken this bus? Now, they’re there every day. Were they always there and I just hadn’t noticed? This is what it was like when I began seeing the triple numbers. Suddenly, they were just there. Once I noticed them, they were everywhere I was, all the time.

At first it was novelty. Random glances at the clock that read 2:22pm, a store receipt that totaled $11.11, a license plate with triple sevens. It was a curious random set of coincidences, nothing too unusual, at least not enough to give one anything more than a pause and a chuckle.

Then it seemed like everywhere I placed my eyes there was a set of triples staring back at me. “This is ridiculous,” I thought to myself. Sets of triple numbers were forcing their way into my consciousness whether I liked it or not. Not just my conscious awareness, but my daughter’s as well. I was seeing particular sets (222, 333, 444, 555, 1111), she tended to also see more 888s and 999s. It was happening so much and in so many random settings that we started to keep a record.

I decided to send up a prayer. “Lord, what is this? Is this from You? Are You trying to tell us something? Or is this a spiritual attack, some type of distraction?” Nary an answer would come…just another day would pass with another random set of triples showing up in a variety of places.

He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him. Daniel 2:22

I started looking up articles on the internet. Was anyone else experiencing this? And, to my surprise, thousands upon thousands of people were part of this numeric phenomenon and not one of them had a clear answer to the mystery. Of course, all the numerologists, occultists and new agers claimed this was messages from the angels and other nefarious forms of mystical reasoning.

I sent up another prayer. “Lord, if this is not from You, please send it away.” Every time I would see a set of triples or 11:11, I would look away, send up a prayer, a rebuke, and refuse to give it any strength.

But, it persisted. Triple numbers popped up every single day, in a variety of random places, and no matter how much I tried to avoid it, there it was staring at me wide-eyed like a nosy, lonely neighbor waving wildly from the fence every time I stepped outside my door or looked out my window.

It demanded my attention, and since the Lord did not remove it, I gave it some.

I began taking notice of what was going on at the time that I would see them. Here’s the thing… I wouldn’t be vigilantly watching for the triples. It wasn’t like that. I would simply progress through my day, and when the triples or 11:11 would show up, I would take notice of what I was doing, thinking or feeling at the time. This proved very interesting.

For example, I had been thinking of making this video for months. After weeks of contemplation, I finally sat down late one evening to purge my thoughts a take ton of notes. I don’t know if other writers experience this, but when I’m consumed with an idea, I almost can’t rest until it is complete. It monopolizes my thoughts - a stream of perpetual ruminations and formulation for that particular concept or message, at a point of readiness I dump it out in one form of art or another.

I lifted up a prayer, as I do with everything I produce, to ask for God’s permission to move forward, for guidance with the content and for His blessing and anointing. After all, everything I do here is for the kingdom. I need His stamp on all of it.

When I completed my prayer, I got up to get a glass of water and lock up the house before bed, I glanced at the clock on the stove which read 2:22. You can’t make this up, folks. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. But, with every single one of these, I’m stunned and amazed. A smile cracked across my face and I just knew... “2:22, thank You, Lord. I take that as your stamp of approval.”

Instantly, and with joy and total peace, I felt released to begin producing this article and video that you are viewing at this moment. I ran and got my phone and took a photo of the clock for you. This is the actual photo of that moment. ----->

That is just one example of many. A triple would show up, I’d notice I had been thinking of the salvation of a loved one. Another would show up during a text conversation at the precise moment a scripture was mentioned in a text, or a praise report for someone I’d been praying for, or a sick brother or sister in Christ just became well. A conversation would turn toward the Lord in a unique and wonderful way and at a pivotal part, a triple would show up. Interestingly enough, the day I bought my last pack of cigarettes (which was a couple years ago) the receipt totaled $6.66.

All I know was when I was on the right path in the numerous little things throughout the day, a triple number or 11:11 would stamp that moment in time. It was as if it shed a beacon of light on a particular moment showing me that I was right where I was supposed to be, in the presence of God, like guideposts in space-time lighting every step of the way.

God is speaking to the saints in a profound way, using capturing the consciousness of the saints at precise moments in space and time. God is using this digital signature to stamp these moments. This is more than just random affirmations, this seems to be an ever-increasing and intensifying, attention grabbing connection between God’s plan, the saint and a particular moment in space and time.

So, what's the deal with the triple numbers? Is this a glitch in the Matrix?

To grasp what I am trying to say, we will have to first walk through some quantum physics, quantum mechanics and the Theory of Everything. Before I get into all of this, realize that I am certainly not a physicist. Not even close.

I’m going to do my best to explain but it might seem like a trip around Neptune to make a point that might not be more than walking distance. Stay with me.

What is reality?

Are we living in a computer simulation? No. Absolutely not. But we do exist within a construct. It just isn’t computer generated, It’s God generated.

To get started, lets use the computer simulation theory as our model. A simulation, or computer simulation, by definition is an imitation, a likeness, an artificial representation of something that already exists. A computer simulation of our universe or our reality is exactly that, a virtual world, an artificial likeness of something that actually exists. A simulation cannot exist without something to model itself after. There would have to be an alpha, an original for the simulation to model itself after.

The movie The Matrix (Warner Bros., 1999) is based on this idea. That our current reality is actually a computer simulation created by Artificial Intelligence. The AI were originally created by humans, of course, but AI surpassed the technological and intellectual abilities of humans, prevailed over them, and for the sake of its own survival, enslaved humans in order to harvest their energy. This energy was used to power the machines.

However, humans would not thrive when deprived of their consciousness. Tethering human beings to a machine while in a being kept in a perpetual coma caused them to die and entire “crops” of human subjects were wasted. The only way to keep them alive and well was to maintain their consciousness through a virtual reality, a computer simulation of the world for which they were originally designed to exist.

The Matrix is an illusionary world, a simulation, for humans to exercise their consciousness so they can physically survive. The Matrix is a control system, nothing more than a computer generated construct that uses virtual reality to keep the physical body alive because, as Morpheus so eloquently put it, “the body cannot live without the mind.”

Elon Musk and other godless theoreticists will tell you that mathematics can prove that our reality is more likely a computer simulation than the material world. Ancestral simulations, or in other words, computer simulations created by humans of a different time – could be past or future, or AI, as in the Matrix, is likely our current reality and their math can prove it. Our world is nothing more than an illusion, a computer generated dream world.

There are some problems with Elon Musk’s and the other theoreticists theories. Even if our current reality was a computer simulation, outside of the simulation is still a real reality. While we are contained within a simulated construct, that construct itself is still contained within an actual reality.

So, who’s manning the store?

Even if this simulation is a simulation of a simulation of a simulation, on the other side of all of them is one actual big fat realty governing the entire thing. What purpose would that serve, ultimately. You would think that as a species we would maintain these basic principles:

  1. That our need to survive would naturally progress smoothly toward ensuring that very thing.

  2. That if we realize that AI has even the slightest the potential to surpass our intellectual ability and place our survival in jeopardy, we would shut it down before it could even get there. We’d kill the idea before it could kill us, or enslave us.

So really, what purpose would a computer simulation serve an advanced civilization, human or otherwise, in the grand scheme of things? If we are technologically advanced to that level, it would make more sense to use our energy, resources, intellect and technology to perhaps master clean, free energy or cure diseases, or eliminate death completely than to maintain a simulated copy, a virtual world of a previous level of existence without the benefit of our advancements.

The idea that we would advance to such and extraordinary level and then use it to digress to a meaningless contained virtual world doesn’t make any sense. The idea would be to move forward, not backward or inward. Logic would dictate an enhancement of our current state, to get the most out of everything we’ve obtained.

Even in The Matrix, the humans and AI are stuck in a causality loop. AI needs the human fields to stay alive, humans need the Matrix to stay alive. But what is the point of being alive if nothing productive is going on anyway?

At the end of the day, it would serve absolutely no purpose to maintain an artificial world, especially to digress back to a technological adolescence. That idea is absurd, the logic breaks down and the theory fails. Since the theory lacks any useful purpose that remotely resembles our current drive and motivation as a species, the the entire thing must be discarded.

But, back to the subject of reality…

Presently, physicists are trying to discover a Theory of Everything. A theory of everything, final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe.

Finding a Theory of Everything is one of the major unsolved problems in physics. According to Physicists at Quantum Gravity Research, they postulate a good looking working model that so far has been making some good predictions. They think that there are seven components that are considered the fundamental building blocks of reality using the pixelation model.

1 Information

2 Causality Loops

3 Non-Determinism (free will)

4 Conscousness

5 Pixelation

6 E8 Crystal

7 Golden Ratio

The idea that we exist in a material world is quickly becoming old science. The idea of “matter” is taking new shape. Nothing is comprised of a solid, liquid or gas because everything, at the quantum level, is comprised of tiny particles, or in other words, quantum (meaning the smallest indivisible size possible) 3 dimensional particle bits of information, kind of like a 3D pixel.

And each 3-D bit of information is a projection from an 8-D source which projects itself into a lower-dimensional quasi-bit of its original self. This projection, which ultimately is comprised of “light” with “sound” contains a vibrational string of code, a sort of instructional language that provides for its very existence and the existence of everything around it.

And God said (sound), Let there be light and there was light (light). Genesis 1:3

If you could look at one of these bits to examine its “contents” you would find something that would resemble binary code, which they are now able to see using mathematics. Nobody fully understands this yet, but they are getting closer to some answers.

And what will really bake your noodle later on, this tiny 3d pixel of code would not even exist if it wasn’t observed in the first place. According to physicist John Wheeler, reality is made up of information which is created by observation. The observation must be made by something conscious. Particles do not exist without a conscious entity first observing it. This is proven and explained in the Double Slit Experiment which you can read about here.

Within these tiny 3-D bits particle bits of code, are the instructions for its “identity”, and its “action” both within itself and in concert with all the other bits. In other words, our reality is comprised of quantum three-dimensional pixels that contain instructional code, that all work in concert with each other and with the Observer, who is also the Creator of it all.

Nobel Prize winning physicist, Frank Wilczek states: “Quantum Theory is contentious and obscure. It will remain that way until someone constructs within the formalism of Quantum Mechanics an OBSERVER, a model entity, whose states correspond to a recognizable caricature of conscious awareness.”

An entity, not necessarily a human or animal, that is capable of generating information by observing or measuring. Who or what would that conscious entity be? If reality doesn’t exist until it is observed by someone conscious, who would that entity be?

These physicists will tell you that the observer is anything other than God. They lean closer to the computer simulation than the possibility of a supreme being. They would rather tell you the observer is the “collective consciousness” than a Higher Consciousness. They cannot explain who or what the conscious observer is, but to them, it can never be God, much less God of the Bible. Even the idea of "collective consciousness" sounds "new age and religious" to them, but they seem more comfortable with that than the idea of a holy creator God.

So, since we are conscious beings, in their mind, the fact that consciousness simply exists makes the "collective consciousness is the observer" idea possible, and sufficient to create and perpetuate reality. It could also be the consciousness of the particle bits themselves. In other words, reality is a self-contained conscious entity that observes itself and therefore perpetuates its existence.

Rubbish! This is the dumbest conclusion a group of smart people could draw. This is how important it is to them to rule out God from the entire equation. They will look everywhere and not see the obvious. They are blind… smart but really, really blind.

The only conscious entity capable of observing everything all the time is God. He is is the Alpha and the Omega. He is eternal and omnipresent. There is no other explanation as humans certainly are not able to consciously observe the entire universe across eternal eschalons of time. Since particles require a conscious observer, there had to be a “first” particle to begin the chain of observation. If everything that exists requires a conscious observer, and that observer is the creator, then the only reasonable explanation for this “conscious entity” as they call it, is God.

And one only has to look at scripture to find this very thing explained perfectly and eloquently, in plain language, for everyone to see.

Every 3D pixel simultaneously holds within it two components – the code for that individual pixel and the code for everything. Each tiny 3D pixel must encompass its individual participatory code or purpose as well as the “knowledge” of everything, in order for it to maintain its place and further its purpose. Or to put it in simple terms, the knowledge of God is in every particle.

For it is the God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:6

While the “knowledge” of God is within the particle bit, that doesn’t mean that the bit can go rogue and do its own thing. The knowledge is part of its structure, but only to the measure that it needs to participate with everything else. It cannot be accessed to operate outside of its purpose. Just as Adam and Eve were created with all the genetic material to parent the entire human race, these particles are created with all the material to exist in the eternal realm. Every particle is equipped with eternity. Its just not allowed to access it independently.

Spend a minute with that.

Now, back to the triple numbers.

Why would God use numbers to speak to His people? His word is sufficient, it is through His word that He communicates, so why the numbers? Besides, non-Christians are seeing the numbers, too.

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams...

And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath...

Acts 2:17-19

Maybe as we draw closer to Jesus’ return, all of creation experiences this coming event? Maybe it’s a call to attention that His return is imminent? Maybe as all of creation gets closer to the dramatic change that will take place upon His return, and the new heaven and new earth is almost upon us, the numbers are a residual effect of some sort? Maybe God is reaching out to everyone, but not everyone is noticing?


If you are not a believer and are experiencing the triple number phenomenon, I strongly suggest you respond. This might be your last chance to answer this call. Time is running out so pick up the phone.

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