• Lisette Verri

The Obama as Anti-Christ Dream Phenomenon

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

~Ephesians 5:11

On December 24, 2012, I had a dream about Barack Obama. He was the president then, of course, at the start of his second term. In the dream, Obama was engaged in some kind of public relations event involving ordinary American people. He was offering certain people, only individuals who did not agree with his ideas and policies, or had doubts about his presidency, to have two minutes of time to share their thoughts with him one-on-one and face-to-face.

I was one of the people selected to participate.

I was not the first one to go in, there were others before me, quite a few of them. Each one would get their turn, go into the office, while the rest of us waited in a stately decorated hallway. The meeting took place in the oval office, but it was darkly lit. The room had ambient lighting, the large executive desk at the head of the room, and shiny dark wood floors. Not the oval office I remembered from photographs.

When it was my turn to go in, I was a tiny bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I was honored to be one of the chosen but felt ordinary and couldn’t imagine what purpose this would serve. I was led into the spacious office by two men in suits who I assumed were secret service. Standing in front of the office was Obama with a very calm and welcoming smile. Michelle was there, arms crossed looking very stern and intimidating. There were other suits there, officials and some secret service I assumed.

Obama was very calming. His face had a gentle welcoming smile, his eyes were somewhat soft, as if he was a professional at putting people at ease in his presence.

Michelle, on the other hand, stood there with arms crossed, angry brows turned into a very intimidating stare – a high contrast to Obama’s demeanor. I was afraid of her. Her serious and angry laser-beam stare intimidated me and made me very uneasy.

I was lead toward the front of the desk where two stately wooden chairs were placed facing each other. They seated me in the chair on the left, Obama sat in the chair on the right. He maintained that calm gentleness and appeared genuinely interested in what I had to say, but I could feel that this was just a front. He was very good at keeping up this front, that was very apparent. Expert level, actually. But, in appearance, he was able to create a genuine looking calm concern.

I did feel calm around him. That’s the weird thing about it. I'm not easily persuaded or moved by other’s actions or demeanor. Obama expertly made an unnerving situation remarkably calm, almost like a spell.

I was dressed appropriately and professionally, navy pantsuit, crisp white blouse, nothing dramatic or overly fancy. I wanted to maintain a professional demeanor and speak in a calm, articulate manner. I had two minutes of the president’s attention. I wanted to use it wisely, say what I wanted to say, and then leave at the appropriate time.

He told me to speak candidly, that he wanted to know the heart of the people who didn’t believe in his ideas. He wanted me to speak honestly and tell him my true thoughts. Again, his gentleness made it seem genuine, even though I didn’t believe it was genuine.

So, I began to speak. I don’t remember what I was saying, but when I started to speak I was focused on being articulate and calm, professional and to the point. But, after the words started to flow, I found myself very upset, pouring my heart out in an emotional tearful spew. I saw what I was doing and told myself to calm down, to get it together, that I was embarrassing myself in front of the president, the first lady and all the other people in the room.

But, I couldn’t stop. I just spewed my guts out, my true heartfelt feelings and opinions, my fears and dreads about everything Obama had intended to do. He calmly raised his hands in a motion for me to calm down. His face still maintained that quiet sweetness. My tirade didn’t rattle him at all, he was steady, his calm control unshaken.

Tears flowing, I felt like a frightened school girl crying out in desperation, pleading with him to stop what he was planning, to turn to God, to please not move forward with his destructive plan. When my two minutes were up, I immediately composed myself, was politely assisted out of my chair by one of the men in suits. Obama shook my hand, smiled and thanked me for my time. I was led out of the room and the dream ended.

Now, you have to understand…I’ve been on this earth for five decades and have never dreamed of a president in my entire life. Not once. It was an odd display, it felt foreign to me, a surprise, something that seemed way outside of what my brain would normally produce. Remember, this was 5 years ago, back in 2012. I had not yet realized Obama's plan for a covert communist takeover.

I looked on the internet to see if anyone else had dreams of Obama or similar dreams and was shocked to find thousands upon thousands of people having dreams about him. Having a dream about the president doesn’t seem too extraordinary, we see politics on the news every day, serious events unfold in the world daily. So, dreaming of the president didn’t seem unusual in that regard.

What was unusual was the theme of the dream, the spell of calmness that Obama cast upon me, the extremely intimidating demeanor of Michelle, the deep-seated powerful emotions that burst forth like a floodgate as if my normal ability for restraint was completely removed and everything I truly felt, feared and believed about these people came gushing forth with no ability to control it.

That I immediately composed myself after unleashing all of that at precisely the end of my two minutes. I felt manipulated, controlled, like my faculties and restraint were removed for two minutes and my true, unfiltered thoughts and feelings were purged and on display for the president and everyone in the room to see whether I wanted it or not.

This was a violation, almost like being emotionally raped and exposed, like they reached fists inside of my soul and ripped out its contents and when the two minutes were up, I was fully composed, calmly got out of my chair, strangely detached from what just occurred, and left the room in the same fashion that I had walked in. That is what was unusual about this dream.

The Obama dream phenomenon continues. It has not relented one bit and the tone and theme is increasing in intensity. The dream collective has evolved to include a diabolical new feature...his plan to return to power. Now, the social justice warriors will tell you that at the root of this is deep-seated bigotry and racism. But, after viewing many, many videos of personal testimonies, it was clear to see that this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Christianity. Christians are being given powerful dreams and visions about Obama, and none of them had good things to report.

Hundreds upon hundreds of personal accounts of dreams, sometimes reoccurring, of Obama revealing himself as the anti-Christ, that span across different races, ages, demographics and ethnicity. The only thing they all had in common was their faith--they are all born-again Christians.

The reason I am writing this article is not about the fascinating numbers of people having the dreams. That’s an important part of this message. But, the reason I’m presenting this is because of the similarities in the dreams. They all have common themes, so similar in nature that it speaks much less about random societal effects of a sitting president with radical views and plans, and much more about something very supernatural taking place.

This isn’t a collective set of random dreams. This is a message, a profound one, about a president who was, is not, and will more than likely be again.

This video is the result of watching hours upon hours of personal dream testimonies. The saints are being given prophetic dreams about the coming Anti-Christ. Thousands of Christians are being given disturbing and compellingly detailed prophetic dreams about Barack Obama that all have numerous common and incredibly detailed threads running through each one.

The similarities in the dreams are uncanny. The setting, the theme, the behavior of the dream participants, many, many elements of the dreams are exactly the same. When you hear these dreams, which I have only provided a small sampling here, listen carefully for all of the common elements in each.What's even more incredible than this dream collective of shared compelling elements is that they are actually being fulfilled at this point in time.

The show is about to start....

Join me in this journey as God continues to give prophetic visions and dreams to the saints and how each element that the Lord provides begins to unfold in the world. May God provide wisdom, peace and joy as prophecy pointing to Christ's return is fulfilled.

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